Roll Call: North Carolina

Anyone want to join me for 9 holes Tuesday evening at the Preserve? I’m playing in the twilight league and need two to round out our team this week. Tee time is 5:40.

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@CLTgolf River Run might be my favorite course in NC (haven’t played a ton to be fair). I have called ~2x/mo for last 4 months because with ClubCorp they’re claiming to be closed. Brutal from the back but I love 18. Starts pretty easy with first couple holes but then kicks your ass. That par 4 (maybe 6) with pond on right is tough.

@BCates not sure if you got your answer but @Blackngold35 is a regular there so can give you info I’m sure.

@RDUgolfer who is your dad? I joined last April so maybe we’ve run into each other…

Greens were quick but not lightening. Looks like the punched about 2-3 weeks ago. Most pin placements were not too bad but they had a few that were diabolical. 17 was in the back left. Almost impossible to get close. Overall course was in great shape but pretty crowded on a Sunday morning. We walked as a 3 some and I think we were the only walkers. Still had to wait on a number of tees. I think the round ended up being about 4 1/2 hours.

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Most private courses in the area are closed to member and their accompanied guest only. A local pro who is a friend has been calling around and trying to get us on some of the private courses in the area and they’re nearly all closed to outsiders.

let me know if you need a partner for RR anytime. I would love to get back out there.

I have one of those group golfer deals to Deep Springs CC I am going to attempt to use. Its got cart included so I may not walk either way, but anyone know how walkable that track is?

Yeah it’s very interesting how different clubs have handled this differently. Some clubs completely banned guests of any kind, my club never stopped allowing guests, some have put rakes, etc. back. Every club has their own prerogative obviously, but reciprocal access is a benefit that I weigh heavily in my memberships and frustrating not to be able to use.

Deep Springs is pretty walkable. There is some elevation but nothing sever. Green to tee is pretty good except between 9 and 10. That is a good hike.
I have a group golfer to there also. I will likely be playing it new week (Aug 3rd-6th) at some point. Tuesdays are work days so they don’t have any tee times before 11:00.

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Durham area guy here! Usually play out of Umstead Pines or Occoneechee golf course. Always down for new suggestions of courses in the area! Just recently got down to Pinehurst and played #8 and The Cradle.


i played two rounds this weekend with a Deep Springs member…hes been a member there since 1972 and was really proud of his club.

he also mentioned a rotary club tourney coming up there in the near future…two rounds and it seemed like a good deal.

looking forward to getting out there and seeing it

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I’m in Durham as well. Playing wherever I’m invited (usually OC or HV) or head down to Pinehurst once a month. I’m actually looking for a Durham/CH guy to join my team for a Twilight league I’m in at the Preserve. Next match is tomorrow at 5:40 if you have any interest.

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If I wasn’t working during that time tomorrow I would definitely be down to come out. Let me know the next time there’s an opening!

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Welcome @dernoski I am also in Durham, and a member at Occoneechee. Umstead and Hillandale are my other go to’s in Durham. Since I got involved with the RACDG and the other knuckleheads here, been playing a lot in the Sandhills.

We have an event planned at Hyland on August 22, sign up if interested.

Also DM me if you are interested in checking out the Royal and Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers

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Unfortunately, I have a 4-5:30 meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (technically they run to 5, but they always run over). Also, not a fan of the Preserve, too many forced carries for my liking.

Look forward to meeting you sometime soon!

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@PowerFadez- Just booked a Grassy Creek condo towards end of August to escape Charlotte heat. Plan on playing 9 one afternoon. Any restaurant recs? Been a few years since I’ve been to Spruce Pine.

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  • El Ranchero - Typical Mexican restaurant. Always good.
  • Las Cruces - A more modern and fresher mexican/cuban restaurant with made as ordered meals and fresh ingredients. Awesome atmosphere as well.


  • Nikis Italian Bistro - Just opened but it has been soooo good so far. Service was fantastic. Good outdoor seating right downtown.

Hefs - Typical sports bar atmosphere and menu. Great wings and great pizza. Good burgers.

Fine® Dining:

  • No.3 Grille - This is the restaurant at the Golf Course now. It has been kind of hit or miss, but many of their dishes are very good and they are working hard towards improving.
  • Little Switzerland Inn (Chalet) - short drive from Golf Course up the parkway. Awesome views and awesome food. Higher priced dinner menu and also a cheaper Bar menu. All of the food is good though.

Coffee Shop/Breakfast:
DTs - right downtown. Local staple Coffee, breakfast, sandwiches, and ice cream.
Fox and Fig - If looking for coffee for sure try and go here. If wanting a saturday morning breakfast option this is the place to go. Small menu for breakfast but it is ALL good. Quiche, biscuits and gravy, french toast…

We have a brewery scheduled to open soon, I have no idea about when but maybe by the time you get up here it will be open. There are really good options within a short drive as well.

If you need anything while you’re up here or whatever give me a shout! Love my town.


What is Grassy Creek like? Was thinking about a mountains trip to play Mt Mitchell and Mountain Glen and see GC is kind of between the two.

Short-ish course. Mountain golf tendencies, but really just rolling fairways with plenty of flat lie mixed in. Our redeeming grace is our Greens. They are always pure. It is a really fun course that has a lot of get-able holes and sneaky up hill/downhill shots. Plenty of beautiful mountain vistas and a very reasonable price. Two creeks meander throughout which add really pretty tee views but can sneak up and grab a ball here and there.

Comparable to Mt. Glenn. Definitely worth a visit! My only complaints come from management and financial side of membership drama, but the course itself is fantastic.

Would love to host anyone who comes up. It’s open to the public but I am good sherpa!

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Still got the tennis courts out in the middle of the course that no one ever plays? Some fine holes at Grassy. Used to be the only place in the county to buy beer. Had a C store in the parking lot. When the county went wet it really hurt Grassys income. Fun golf course.

Sounds good Pres!

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Oh yeah, we used to play wiffle ball in the “Tennis Courts.”
I remember the days of the beer store in the parking lot and a dry county. It is a great place with good people!
For a two man greens keeping crew the place is in outstanding condition. This fall should be amazing.