Roll Call: North Carolina

The Muni is a fun course and good vibe. They just punched the greens last week but they should be ok when you get into town. In the immediate Wilmington area, Beau Rivage can be fun because it’s a change of pace with some actual elevation changes (rare for here). Aside from that, there are a ton of courses within a little bit of a drive, just depends on how far you want to go.

Cape Fear National
Magnolia Greens

Castle Bay

Little bit further south and you get a lot of options. My personal faves are

Glen Dornach
Rivers Edge
Sandpiper Bay
Sea Trail
Oyster Bay- if you want to see a lot of gators, this is the course for you. It’s really pretty and a super fun layout but not always in great shape.


Tot Hill is definitely a love/hate course. I have a number of friends that can’t stand it. It is a bit goofy in areas but it is worth playing at least once to see where you fall. Personally, I live less than 20 mins from it and enjoy a round or two a year on it. I would classify myself as loving it but it is not my weekly go-to.

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DM headed your way. I may be your huckleberry.

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I have a friend in the area who said he may be able to get me on Eagle Point. Virtually no reviews anywhere for this. Any idea about this place?


Is Masonboro still around? I played it when my wife and I went to Carolina Beach a few years ago.

Eagle Point is a top 5 course in the state.

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uh yeah, you should play there (And also get on any other refugees!)

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Uhhh if you can get on Eagle Point, that would not be something to miss. The nicest course in the area. They held the Wells Fargo there a few years back.

Nope. It got crushed during Florence and never came back

Oh wow!

Yeah it’s a top 100 course for a reason. Mini Augusta vibes, always in great shape. Very fun.

Put Wilmington Muni at the top of the list and Castle Bay second. Both are good layouts that will not kick the shit out of the casual golfer and provide a good challenge for the more serious golfer.
Eagle Point is the shit but be prepared to spend mega bucks. Conditioning is always top notch and the course layout is challenging.
If you get on Eagle Point and need a body to fill out a foursome I’ll be you huckleberry :grinning:


Elk River Club…wow!

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Best friends with one of the assistants there. That place was something else! Hot as the dickens still. Planning to head back at the turn of fall before they close for the winter. Here’s a few pics I snapped that of course don’t do it enough justice.


Elk River is amazing, especially when you consider it probably isn’t anyone’s only club membership. :expressionless:


Years ago (1986) we spent the day there for $100. Played 36 holes and drank every beer in the men’s locker room. They did not seem to care but we were never invited back! Seem to recall this trip was the final straw in the end of my first marriage. Hell of a trip!

Late to the game here but a bed mat will be sufficient, and no need to buy a name brand one, I bought a cheapo off Amazon and it fit perfect, I can’t imagine what “features” I’m missing out on not having the fancy one.

Also @cltgamecock the back seat of a full size truck will have more room than the back seat of a Tahoe. If you don’t need/want the 3rd row I’d go truck over SUV every time.

Edit: if you typically haul around your golf stuff in the truck, an ice fishing sled is a nice, relatively cheap addition to the bed. They are big enough to hold my cart, clubs, a few pair of shoes, balls, etc. Everything stays in place and when I need to haul something it’s easy to pull it all out at once.


Great round with @billythekid and @DMBGoJackets at Holly Ridge Golf Links. Thanks guys for letting the old guy tag along on your match. They both made me feel welcome even though their ages added together equaled mine. I believe DMG won 4 and 3 but it didn’t matter because we all had a good time on a pretty decent course.


Sorry man was in Pinehurst this weekend

Hope y’all enjoyed it. HR is a great place and absolutely dialednin right now. Sure the greens were a great.