Roll Call: New Orleans

Nice. I think I’ll get out there around 9:00ish, have to drop my daughter off at school at 8:30am. Thanks for the Good Lucks guys.

awesome. ill be the guy with the jones bag and NLU towel

Good luck out there man!

Golf Sunday?

Id be up for a round

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I think I’m available too

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Sure wouldn’t mind playing Audubon again

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I’ve already got Audubon on schedule for next week.

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I’m scheduled for TPC on sunday at 10:57 with a buddy if anyone wants to join

Anyone up for a round this Sunday?

was out of town last week but looking to play Saturday morning around 9:30 if anyone is interested

I’m trying to play early Sunday if you want to

I can’t play Sunday unfortunately. Maybe next weekend

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Anyone looking to play this weekend?