Roll Call: New Orleans

Any NLUers in the NOLA area?

Got one over here.

Going to be in NO for a conference Nov 30 - Dec 3rd if anyone wants to grab a round

I’d be happy to as long as you don’t mind playing with someone who sends a few into the trees and blades a few (or a lot of) wedges.

Where do y’all play in town? I love Audubon but have a hard time getting my friends to play with me because it takes forever and is a short course. I probably play most of my rounds at Joe Bart.

I play Audubon and Batholomew most often. What time of day are you going to Audubon that it takes forever? I normally play there by myself in the evening and can walk 9 in under a hour and a half minutes easily.

On the weekends. I’ll walk 9 after work when it stays light past 5 o’clock. But it’s a log jam on the weekends when the weathers nice.

But the $10 to walk 9 after 3 during the week is such an awesome deal. It’s $10 for a large bucket of balls at City Park.

The $10 evening 9 is perfect! And most of the guys there don’t care if you squeeze in a few extra after the pull the flags.

I live right near Audubon and I see the jam up every Saturday morning. I’ve only ever played in the evenings (normally during the week) so I’ve rarely had to deal with heavy traffic there.

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Another one here. Haven’t played much in recent years, though.

I’m here living in the swamps outside Nola in Luling, LA. I’m part of Grand Ridge Golf Club but I play all over south Louisiana and the gulf coast.

Anyone have a link to a good article that describes the changes that were made at TPC Louisiana? I’ve done a bit of Googling, but haven’t come across anything as of yet.

We certainly lack a local media that would take any interest.

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My buddies played there last week and said that the layout wasn’t affected just upgraded the bunkers, fixed the drainage issues, and I think re-sodded it.

I didn’t even know it reopened until I saw someone I follow on Twitter reporting from their “grand re-opening”.

I remember talking with one of the assistant pros before they shut down and he had talked about updating the drainage and resodding based on their contract with the PGA. Both should help with making the course more playable after heavy storms I would assume.

Every year when the Zurich comes all the golf writers lobby for the Zurich to move to City Park. All this upgrading flies in the face of such a move.

From what I heard Bayou Oaks South where they would want to move Zurich to doesn’t have the infrastructure or the difficulty to hold a PGA tour event. Also, the only way they could prevent guys from shooting 30 under par (which is irrelevant of course) is to grow the rough way way up.

It’s slightly easier from a slope rating perspective plus as a team event the scoring is pretty sick anyway. But yeah, there is no room for anything.

2020 roll call NOLA Peeps. I normally play Joe Bartholomew (affectionately known by my group as Joey B) since it is close to my office in the east. I believe they are doing a special where it is $25 for 18 and a cart on Wednesday. Other than that normally bat the ball around at Ormond CC (aka Cypress Lakes) or Chateau CC.

Would love to get a meet up scheduled. I myself am a 10-14 hcp pending the day. Whether you are a pro or an average joe we should get something planned. Let me know what y’all think.