Roll Call: New Mexico

Thanks for this! MS does look like a fun muni but man, Black Mesa looks too good not to play it being that close. I called and they won’t book any singles tee times, which is a bummer but they said to show up and they’ll send me out. I may try the 'ol “Book a double and buddy can’t make it” route just to get a tee time but pretty pumped to get out there

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I can’t say how busy it is or isn’t, but I can say that playing it forward is highly recommended. Easy to lose balls if you are pumping driver all day, and the approach shots and green surrounds are where the fun is at. With that said, you must go for the green on #14.


Yeah, I was looking at that yesterday. Was thinking of playing from the white tees. Still a decent length at almost 6300 yds. That being said, I did notice those 2 short par 4’s (7 and 14) so I’ll follow your advice yet again and bring the big dog out.

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Always Black Mesa if you are in the area, honestly one of the best courses around here.

Looking for two more on this upcoming Sunday. Going to try and snag an AM tee time at Sandia but I have Arroyo at 1140 already as a backup

@RolandOfGilead boy, you weren’t kidding Black Mesa is something else. What a beautiful layout and very entertaining routing. Definitely was a good idea to play up tees, some wild tee shots.

Almost drove 14, was just about 20 yds short. And that uphill par 5 is a bitch.

Thanks again, had a blast out here and can’t wait to play it again


Haha yeah that hole (#16) is an enigma. It is incredibly beautiful: Stairway to Heaven. But the tee shot landing zone is quite narrow if you bomb it plus the whole ditch up the left: Stairway to Seven.


I am planning to play Ladera this Wednesday but if anyone would rather meet for a round on Thurs-Fri, give me a heads up.

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I’ve got Friday off, I’d be down

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Awesome. I got a 4some booked for Friday at 11:10, that was the earliest available. If anyone else wants to join, let me know by Tuesday morning and I’ll downgrade us to 2 otherwise. Of course there are T-storms in the forecast that day ha.

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Does anyone know what the ABQ city pass rates actually are? I’m seeing 2 different rates on their website…


Very strange, I think the play is to call one of the pro shops at this point. We’re those screenshots from the city website or two different course websites?

Both the city’s site haha

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As I government employee I should have guessed :laughing:

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Caddying for my buddy in the US Mid-am qualifier at UNM Championship course on August 1.

Called the shop and confirmed they do have yardage books but they couldn’t sell over the phone and ship (mostly understandable as they don’t ship things) - anyone in the ABQ area able to pick one up and mail it up to Colorado? I’ll venmo/paypal/cashapp monies in advance. DM me please!

I’m out of the country right now, but if no one gets back to you by the first of the month I can definitely hook you up

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