Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

After playing Brainerd for the first time this weekend, I can confirm that it’s an awesome value at $40 for 18 with cart.


I’m looking to move to Kentucky and all this is a factor in my decision too

Give me Brainerd over any of the Nashville munis


I’ve been considering this as well. Nashville has completely lost its way. Golf, houses, schools. It’s completely ridiculous.

Unfortunately my wife and kids have vetoed this decision.


Knoxville has a much better golf scene overall compared to Chat and Nash.

Chat is a fun town, some beautiful areas there. Nash golf is even worse than I imagined when I moved here, huge bummer.


Anyone here know anything about Hideout Golf Club? I tried to get some info, but don’t want to fork over my email.

Here is some info from The Tennessean:

He seems really up his own @ss here. The article is one thing, but then providing zero info on the website or Instagram all to give the appearance of a cool kids club? Pass

I have been to the Hideout will say I dug the concept. It has 4 well setup bays, a center lounge area and a bar in the back. Several TVs and just a general good hangout as well as being able to play sim golf. There is also a putting simulator in the corner that has breaks in it that you can turn on an overhead display that will show the breaks so you can see how well you are matching up line and speed etc. I also think they have pretty generous operating hours so it is a good option if you have young kids and can’t play very often during the day. All that said, the drawback is, of course, this isn’t quite “real” golf. Some people like simulator golf and others hate it.

Feel free to throw my opinion in the trash but I think these things get presented as “elite” or “cool kids clubs” because they are asking you to sign up as a member. You can agree or disagree with the marketing but they have to try to create some value or otherwise it is going to seem overpriced. I have been to the other sim bar in Nashville and that feels more “corporate expense account” to me (also they seem to focus equally on it being a restaurant which I have no need or interest in). Not saying either is bad or good or better, but they definitely have different niches they are carving out. In any event, the business model seems to thrive better on memberships and stable income rather than trying to drum up constant one off business. I am not schilling for either here but I thought a lot about it when these first starting popping up. Just my two cents.

Spot on and not throwing your opinion in the trash! These places will continue to pop up as the tech becomes better/cheaper. I’m also with you regarding food. Do you have a good sim and realistically priced beer? Good enough for me. Adding food requires additional space, staff, licenses, etc. all for something that is overpriced and mediocre at best.

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Very cool story to watch this week:

Blades Brown is a 16 year old sophomore at Brentwood Academy and is playing in the US Amateur. He won the State Jr Am by like 12 shots. He is a stud.


Knoxville also had Fairways and Greens which was 100000 times better than some private club simulator bs.

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The name alone is reason to root for him #YOTB

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#YOTB indeed



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the fun fact that his mom made the first 3-pointer in WNBA history is just icing on the cake.

hard for me to cheer for anything BA, but this kid is making it hard!

Anyone a member at Stones River in Murfreesboro? Sounds like there is a waitlist, but feeling out if it would be worth joining or not.

Attn: Middle TN

The Bama boys have been highly involved in what we’re doing up here, and this is your opportunity to return the favor! Just over 2 hours from Nashville, this is a manageable day trip or one that would be worth staying the night for. Check the thread for more info and get involved!

Anyone know anything about the Twelve Stones renovation? They open back up this week and while I’ve always found them pricy for the course, it’s $85 now for a prime time weekend spot (sheeeeeesh!)

From my understanding (and this is from limited conversations with staff), they put in new grass on the greens and reshaped some tees… While they could have used more, like completely reshaping 1 green, this would be a step in the right direction

Unfortunately, a step in the right direction is a step towards becoming a private club. They already have a strong membership with their semi-private model, I would expect they just increase to a point where they basically price out the majority of the general public and go private

As for the $85, I played Pine Creek yesterday it’s still not worth $67 on a weekend, but the lack of availability across this tee time desert allows them to charge whatever they want

67 for pine creek? Holy shit!