Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

Presidents Reserve is a fantastic option. Was punched a couple weeks ago so should be rolling smooth now.

Two Rivers Muni is fun but it is definitely a mini.

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Are you staying in Nashville Thursday or heading to South Pittsburg after the round? If you aren’t staying in town I would go to Sewannee - especially if you haven’t been before.

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Yea we are staying in Nashville Thursday night. We played Sewanee last year and liked it. Might try and play it Sunday after Sweetens again.

Unrelated to golf…best place to get hot chicken in Nashville? The less fancy the better. I want the legit thing and not something a restaurant has watered down and charges $28 for

Boltons, 400 degrees, and party fowl would be my go-to’s kind sir.

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Party Fowl will be far to fancy. Boltons and 400 Degrees are you best bet.

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Does Scoreboards still hit? I haven’t had it in probably 15 years

yeah but their chicken is good as hell I had to throw it in there

sure does

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Thanks for the chicken recs!

I booked a 2some at Hermitage President’s Reserve for 2:18 if anyone wants to join.

Nashville hot chicken is just a tourist thing right? I feel like growing up in the area I never heard of it until about 5 years ago lol

Idk but it slaps

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Some of it slaps. Some of it is worse than CFA.

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Don’t be besmirching the Lord’s chicken, now :unamused:

CFA rocks. But if I am paying up for “World Famous Nashville hot chicken”, it’s gotta be better than fast food.

I would never talk down about Jesus chicken.

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I didn’t hear about it until my older sister started going to Scoreboard’s when I was a young kid. While I’m hesitant to say it deserves the hype as Nashville’s staple menu item, and I certainly don’t believe it deserves to be some sort of mascot for our area at large, the story around how it got its start is wiiild if you’ve never heard it.

A bigger issue is the fall is quality of chicken across the country. Chick-fil-A has fallen off with their qualify, Zaxby’s/Cane’s used to slap and now it’s the same stringy chicken. Something is wrong with chicken in America and I can assure it isn’t coming from the chicken farmers :alien:


Want to book a last minute tee time to play on the weekend? Better look at tee times in Kentucky, apparently. Nashville’s golf scene is disheartening at times

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gotta recommend Danny Chau’s hot chicken weekend from a few years back:

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Got one spot at Hermitage 12:50 Generals retreat today if anyone wants to get out.

Edit: Weather said hell no

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We are considering a move to Chattanooga, and this is one of my driving factors. It’s a joke to play golf around here. SE TN has about as many private clubs as Nashville with about 1/10th the population. Public scene isn’t quiet as expansive, but with less people seems more manageable based on those I talk to.