Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

I know there are a few of you folks here, but couldn’t find our own thread.

I’m in Murfreesboro!

Hermitage here. Any good courses down that way?

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Stones River Country Club if you can get on is alright.

Old Fort Golf Course is actually a great public muni. One of the better public courses in the region. Taken better care of than anybody the other non-private courses in Rutherford County. Such a shame how few good courses we have around Nashville.

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I’ll have to check out Old Fort on a weekend. My work is a mile from Ted Rhodes. Its in great condition considering its $13 to walk 9. Makes for a cheap fun after work round.


In Smyrna - Agree on Old Fort

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Will always love the Ted. If you work close by it’s a great place to putt around on the practice green and hit balls for free, even though you have to shag them yourself. Used to do that for an hour or so after work while the traffic died down.

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I’m giving a presentation on Thursday evening in Nashville.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to play mid-morning on Friday?

Forecast is for 45* and cloudy. That’s good enough for me.

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Not sure I can play… but where/what are you presenting?

At Industrial Strength Marketing on the key drivers of revenue and profit at machine shops

Nice! I’m speaking on Thursday afternoon at the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association HR conference in Franklin.

Franklin area here. With 3 young ones I didn’t get out much this year, but try to practice some before work when time allows.

Nolensville here. Howdy y’all!

I play in work scrambles mostly and/or play during work hours when possible to preserve family time after work and on weekends.

I’m always looking for someone to head to Sweetens though.

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Hello @ all

I also live in Murfreesboro and play a lot at Champions Run. Its a fun track and affordable. To echo previous posts, Old Fort in Murfreesboro is good. A lot of the city owned courses in Nashville are decent. Although it really is a shame how little good public golf there is around Nashville.

Always down to play with new people. Let me know if anyone needs a 4th.


Nashville here! Two kids under 3 at home so it’s hard to get out much, but you can find me at McCabe every now and then. Would be great to meet some of ya’ll.


south Nashville here. Play at Gaylord, Hermitage, and Greystone a lot when I can’t rat my way onto the Nashville private clubs. Good to see there are NLU fans around the city.


east nashvillian here. me and the dudes play at shelby yacht & country club a lot but I am also willing to wet my beak a bit for a good track.

cheers, crack on

Same! We should get together!

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Brentwood here

Great to see some local folks!

Live down in Germantown and looking for a regular weekly league to get into, anyone know of anything, or interest in creating one?

I have two small kids and couldn’t pull off a weekly game. I’d be down for getting something together once a month minimum.