Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

Byron Williams at fairways and greens.

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The High Cotton Club largely endorses Barney Alary, even though he’s at Riverside. Brian Lackey at The Golf Club is my OG though


I may reach out, I’m looking for a small lesson package right now.

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Cross posting from a moving standpoint and my other options.

I’m job hunting a little here or there…I’ve been in sales 11 years, 3 of those I spent in a managerial role. If anyone has any info on good companies to work for or know of any open positions, let me know.

Current job is going through a transition to an IPO early next year and while I’ll probably stay around to see what happens, I’m very much looking at other options.

East or North of Nashville would be most ideal. Thank you all!!


When furniture shopping today since we are finally moved in. Totally didn’t pick a store based on the proximity to this golf simulator bar. Awesome spot! TN Golf Station


Spent part of my Fourth of July walking around the Percy Warner to check out the rennovations, and coulnd’t be more excited to see the course finished. I’ll walk through each hole, and give a brief description of what they’ve changed added. For those unaware, Percy Warner is the oldest course in Nashville, and is ~2,500 9-holer that was an easy walk with fun holes. Poor maintance and overgrown trees led to Percy being hardly worth visitng, though, unless you were learning the game or needed an excuse to drink some beers and hit some putts on dead grass. Currently, the course is being rennovated by Bruce Hepner, who has quite the resume. Formerly the VP at Tom Doak’s Renniassance Golf design, Hep has worked on Belvedere, Cape Arundel, Essex County Club, Rackham, Blue Mound, CommonGround, Mid Ocean Club, Old Mac, Pac Dunes, The Country Club of Troy, Rennissance Club, Ballyneal, Straemsong, and Cape Kidnappers (is that any good?) He’s also been one of the few architects on the NLU podcast.

The 1st has been changed into a sort of Eden hole, but without the right bunker. The green has three distinct sections: a front tounge that is mostly a false front, a backright section with a fall off long, and a backleft section over the strath bunker. This bunker is going to be deadly for backleft and front pin positions. There is also a bump right in the middle of the green before the false front. I can’t wait to putt on this green once the grass is in. This 100ish yard hole is going to require a lot of precision for your first swing of the round.

The 2nd hole, thankfully, has had 20 or so trees removed down the right side. The right side of the hole is now much more open, and you can attempt a shot into the green instead of automatically having to punch out. This coupled with new deep bunkers on the right side of the green have added strategy to the hole. If you try to cut off the massive dogleg, but come up short you will be punished with a difficult approach over what seem to be the most penal bunkers on the course. If you stay to the left of the fairway you will have a longer shot, but be rewarded with a wide opening into the newly built punchbowl green.

Not many changes have been made to the 3rd hole. Playing corridor is the same as it has been, and no bunkers have been added. The green looks really interesting, though. There is a back right shelf that will be impossible to chip to, and a massive false front will wreck any chips from behind the green. I wish some of the trees on the left were removed, and the hill was shaved down to really reject mishit drives down into 4’s fairway. I can see why this was avoided though, for safety reasons.

The 4th has had the two trees on the left and right sides of the fairway removed, and is much more open as a result. Two bunkers have been rebuilt on the front of the raised green, and they seem pretty penal. Not a ton changed to this hole - other than tree removal - and there doesn’t seem to be a ton of strategy. Hit two good shots and be rewarded. Hit two bad shots, and get screwed.

The 5th. Doesn’t seem like any trees have come down here, which is sad to see. There is still time to knock some down though, so maybe we will see it widened. Green now has a distinct right and left section, with a roll in the middle leading to a false front. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of internal movement to the green, but there is a backstop on the left and runout on the right. Should still be an absolute ballbuster of a par 3.

The 6th will be the best hole on the course, I think. What went from a boring driveable par 4, has now turned into a fantastic hole thanks to a new green and bunkers. The green is a Birraritz now set on a 45 degree angle in relation to the tee, and has a bunker protecting each shelf. Drives winding up in the back left bunker will be extremely difficult to get up and down out of to a front pin, and the smart miss is right of the green I think. My only grip is the left a rather large tree to the right of the fairway which doesn’t impact play, but obscures the green.

The 7th has had the tree in the fairway removed, and trees down the right in the rough removed as well (some are still there). It seems like the green is somehow even more pushed up than before, and there is a death bunker guarding it on left and a blind bunker just behind. I think the new ideal line is where the old tree use to be here. I imagine this is going to be a great hole to practice 60 yard pitch shots into this elevated green.

The 8th is an uphill hole that tips out at about 280. 20 yards left of the green there is a bunker that seems misplaced, but when you get greenside it makes sense. This driveable hole has a quasi-lionsmouth bunker that looks like it is a must avoid off the tee, and the only bailout is left. So, you have to make the choice of laying up short of the left bunker (which leaves a very hard looking pitch) or going over it (which leaves a very easy looking pitch). Going long of the bunker brings OB into play quickly, though, so the choice is not easy.

Finally, the 9th hole. Again, nothing really is changed here, other than tree removal on both sides of the fairway, and it looks like the run off on the right of the green has been shaved down even more. I wish they would have moved the green further to the left against the hill, but this a budget operation. Thanks to tree removal, you can see part of every hole from the 9th tee now, which is cool.

Overall the rennovations are exactly what this course needed, but I do wish they removed a few more trees in a couple of areas and restored the creek that runs through the property (again, budget operation so I understand why not). That being said, pretty much every hole has had playing corridors widened, and you can really see the land movement across the property now. I didn’t walk down there, but there also is a new practice area with a massive chipping and putting green. Seeing as no munis in town have a real short game area, I am very happy to see this.

The course is set to open in September, and I am not sure it will be finished on time. Grass has still not gone in on the tees or greens, and they are still working on irrigation and drainage. IDK about the specifics of grow-in, but I would think they need to get grass in ASAP if they want a playable course in September. If properly maintained and staffed, Percy will be a fantastic 9 holer which asks you to hit every shot in the bag even if it tips out at around 2500 yards. I can’t wait to get out there with a half set and have a nice walk. If I knew someone that I was trying to get into golf, I would be coming here as much as possible.

If people are interested, I can get out there with a camera or drone, and try to get some pics of how everything looks.


Thank you for the comprehensive update!

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The High Cotton Club is back! (Like we ever left)

We’re kicking off the 2024 season with The Float at Dale Hollow State Park in Burkesville, KY — a manageable drive from Middle TN. With lodging provided from Friday and Saturday, and the main event on Saturday at one of the most underrated destinations in our region, it’s sure to be a weekend you don’t want to miss.

After an optional round on Friday, tee times will begin at 8:00 Saturday for our blind draw two man scramble before we take to the lake in two pontoons. An optional round will also be available Sunday morning, and those who have been before can attest to the quality of fellowship that this extra time during overnight events can offer.

Entry fee for this event is $330, with lodging, boating, a bag tag, and Saturday’s golf (plus range balls) included. Also, drinks on the lake will be provided courtesy of New Belgium Brewing. Follow the link below to sign up, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! Hope to see some new and familiar faces as we kick off the 2024 No Laying Up Roost season in the Bluegrass state.


Hey everyone, looking to see if anyone would be interested in exchanging rounds at a country club. I have a foursome certificate for Vanderbilt Legends that can be played Monday-Friday after noon. Looking to see if anyone is a member or could get me and a friend on at Belle Meade, Troubadour, or The Grove in exchange you’d be joining us at Legends.


Has anyone played at Honky Tonk National? Used to be RiverWatch Golf Club in Sparta, TN but was bought out by the same guy who bought Old Hickory in Nashville. Im moving to Cookeville in a year so hoping they do a good job with it. It’s public the rest of this month and then going private


Have played it a few times. Good course but nothing overall special. Was always subject to condition. Pretty tight course overall. Nothing on the water. Agree @SmokyMtn? A couple cool spots to ride around on the cart through some terrain.

I wish it wasn’t going private, especially to some rich Nashville owner. He bought it mostly for the marina and now owns like half of the water access.

With the new ownership keeping it in better condition it may be much much better. I heard a huge initiation fee and private is the plan.

I had heard they still had public tee times but they were like $100 for 18 holes. That course was a great value at $50 per round but I wouldn’t pay more than $65-75 for it.

I like the layout. It’s fairly hilly and bordered by woods on many of the holes. Kind of a gem for the area it’s in, but alas.

Of the 4 courses in the immediate Cookeville area, Southern Hills is definitely the best kept in terms of condition.

White Plains would probably be next, followed by TTU Golden Eagle GC (formerly Cookeville GC).

Belle Acres is the definition of a goat track.

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Riverwatch was definitely the best course in the area by a large factor.

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For sure. The Tech golf team used it as their main course, not the golf course the university owns and operates, if that’s any indication.

It was good and also Tech could stand to take better care of Golden Eagle. Both factors at play with that one.

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Thanks yall. Looking forward to moving to the area in a year. Seems like someone could put in a great golf course in that area and have it do well. Doesn’t seem like much in between Nashville and Knoxville other than the Crossville courses.

I asked for info about the initiation fee and such at Honky Tonk so I’ll let y’all know once I hear.

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The Buccee’s Battle (plug) will be my first trip to Crossville since junior golf, but I have to say it’s been the worst planning experience I’ve had as an event organizer. They are high on their own supply and somewhat delusional to believe they are worth more than Mossy Oak and Old Waverly.

I hope I’m pleasantly surprised, but either way I know the good times with the @HighCottonClub are based on camaraderie more so than the venue


What was said for East Tennessee could be same for Middle Tennessee… Get involved in this event, please! I don’t beg often, but we need a big field for this one.

Traveling to Nashville on Oct 12 to see a few Jason Isbell shows at the Ryman.

Looking for suggestions on where to stay that is close to the venue but also close to some of the other delights Nashville has to offer.

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late to the party, but would love to see a flyover / walk thru if you’re still offering.

Flying in to Nashville next Thursday ahead of the Sweetens event. Me and another guy are looking to play golf that afternoon in the area. @leftysauce told me Hermitage President’s Reserve is a good option. Anywhere else? Any private courses with connections on here? (don’t know until you ask haha)

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