Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)

Have a spot for you, can’t promise a match but you can come join in the fun. If you want in, Venmo me and I’ll add you.

If we get one other guy to join, we’ll have a full sheet, and you’ll have a match opponent. Can come up with something to handicap the match if needed.

Cc: First alternate @BrandymanVS - have one remaining spot if you want in. @tjl_48 also may claim it if his schedule allows. First come, first served.

Cross linking to the event thread where we’ll take it from here on out.

Spot still open for this? If so, you ca count me in.

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You’re in!

Still looking for one more.

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A 7:39am Saturday morning opened up at Keller. 2 spots open if anyone is interested.

Alright its Friday and i don’t want to work so i will pose a question that you C suite folks (and anyone else) can weigh in on.

Will be looking at buying a house in the south metro (Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan maybe…Lakeville) since i work in Inver Grove Heights and my wife works in Burnsville If i have to move to the burbs I want to join a CC in the next few years after that.

I think my options are; Town and Country, Somerset, Mendakota, MNVCC, Bracketts, Southview. Am i missing any? I think i have ruled out Southview, any other thoughts?

Depending on where you end up, I hear that Northfield Golf Club is quite the deal. This is strictly word of mouth, so maybe someone else can provide some input if that is/isn’t true

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Most importantly…what are your must haves in a club?


@PaaSco if you are looking for sushi, have to vouch for Billy Sushi downtown. It is phenomenal! If you have had sushi fix in Wayzata, I believe it is the same owner/chef? Both are top notch sushi joints

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@mstork hmmm northland doesn’t seem that close to the south metro, atleast not by car…

@BaxterMSP this is a good question. I think my main thought is golf needs to be fun and interesting. No kids right now so i am not that interested in pool, the social side of the club for extra curriculars isn’t that important, but i would like to meet some people golfing.

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My .02, take them for what they’re worth (which is literally 2 cents). Of the clubs you listed, scratch Somerset off immediately. Invite only and you better have a 2 comma checking account to get in there.

Town and Country could be interesting; never played the course but heard good things. Downside from the south metro will be commute and cost. Downstroke is pretty significant, I believe, and you won’t have a straight shot commuting to the club. Once traffic picks back up it will be a complete pain in the ass to zip over there for an afternoon round.

Minnesota Valley…I’m on record with loving this club. I think it’s certainly worth exploring and the downstroke won’t be close to T&C. You may run into commute issues, depending on where you move. That’s the reason (along with the pool) that I didn’t seriously consider joining. I would take a good look at it.

Mendakota…Course just does not do it for me. You may have a different opinion but I thought their front 9 was the worst private 9 I’ve played in the Cities. Commute would be OK, possibly even very good. I believe their downstroke is in the neighborhood of $10-15K but that can usually be negotiated a little.

Southview…Best when it comes to cost/downstroke. I have an acquaintance that joined a month ago and they’ve had fun so far. I would be prepared for a big assessment in the not too distant future…rumblings have been they really need to replace their irrigation system and that’s why new members are getting in cheap. They need more people around when that big bill comes through.

Bracketts…Definite positives are a great/fun membership. Costs are reasonable and the downstroke isn’t that bad (guessing between 5-10K now). Has the pool amenity when you do want to use it. Really enjoyed the fact the course was re-done and we don’t have member assessments. The course is not architecturally significant like MV, T&C, or Somerset so that could be a downer if it’s super important to you.

It’s really too bad that the south/southeast metro doesn’t have the wealth of options like the west metro but that’s first world problems.

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shameless plug…I am a Realtor if you are need of those services

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This is a great break down. You didn’t know this but there is a reason somerset is in my list…kidding

Always appreciate the insight, you are correct it is unfortunate that the south metro doesn’t have the options the west metro has. Honestly OH was incredibly enticing if i could swing it, but the commute doesn’t seem like it would make sense unless we settled in the southwest metro.


East metro has to be the worst with private options but probably the best for public options.

I played Southview a few times when considering a trial and the greens were great in April but other than that the course didn’t do it for me. The definition of landlocked and didn’t enjoy walking backwards to every tee and staring at Bakers Square and Home Depot during the round.

Never played T&C but I have heard mixed. Some people thinks its awesome and a couple people have said stay away and the course is too short/quirky. Probably just depends on how much you like the old school charm.


I have no extended the house search to EP (shut it @OscarDeLaGorga i don’t want to hear it) due to OH. I blame @LonnieMollo. Now i just need to convince the wife the longer commute will be worth it, and now i need to start to more money to this savings…


Interesting - I played Southview a few weeks ago and loved it.

Sure - you get a view of Bakers Square (pies!) on one hole and a peak at Home Depot on another but it didn’t ruin the walk for me. I thought the course was a super fun walk; great land movement and the course was in awesome shape.

Was considering joining but the practice facilities (where a good chunk of my “golf” time is spent with two little ones) were just too much for me to get over. They aren’t “bad” but are also definitely not good.


OH is a great course but I could never join there. Lonnie can attest…I play like hot garbage anytime I’m out there.

Its probably the hardest course i have played in mn but it is too pure. Such great shape, so much fun, and pretty interesting imo

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Their “practice facilities” are a huge strike. Driving range can’t handle more than a long iron and there’s very little short game area to practice on. Course itself is decent, if a little tight at times. I could see doing a membership there but it’s definitely not worth the assessment coming down the pipe IMO

Agree on the hardest course I’ve played in mn as well, and I played really well there. Greens are so much fun.

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