Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)

It may be below zero with more snow than we’d like, but wondering who is out there from MN?


I’m a MN (via Iowa) guy. Don’t play as much as I would like, and not even close to as well as I would like, but I enjoy the 3 months we get.


Checking in from Rochester, MN. Was a member at Somerby the last 4 seasons, just made the switch over to RGCC.

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St. Cloud (School) From St. Paul. Big fan of Territory GC up here in Cloud.


(If anyone ever needs a single to round out a foursome at Hazeltine… poor grad student here would love to help you out)

Originally from St. Cloud, in Monticello now. Have been playing at TGC since 2012, awesome golf course with great leagues. It can be as challenging as you want to make it, not to mention the staff is great.

Willmar, MN currently playing at Eagle Creek, we have a great men’s league and I get most of my golf in at sunrise before work. Played at St. Cloud State in college, enjoyed the St. Cloud Country Club and the Territory (Previously the Fairways) in St. Cloud.

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Grew up in Duluth area, living in Woodbury now. I play a lot of golf at Eagle Valley in Woodbury and at Loggers Trail in Stillwater. Can’t wait for this snow to go away to get back on the course, but the ice fishing has been pretty decent so far this winter!

Grew up in DL. After college moved to Minneapolis. Recently built just south of Fargo. Member at Oxbow now.

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I’m in Owatonna playing at OCC. How has the start of the renovation gone at RGCC? Sounds like there will be reciprocal play between OCC and RGCC next year…which is nice!

Grew up in Brooklyn Park where Edinburgh USA was my home course after grinding my youth at Brookland Executive. Now reside in Burnsville where I primarily play at the The Wilds GC.

I’ve never played OCC, so i’ll have to go check it out when RGCC shuts down in August. So far they have done a lot of tree removal, and in the fall they completed the new irrigation system. Doing some clubhouse work & a new pool as well. Course is opening normal time this spring, but will shut down August 5th for Tom Doak and his team to go to work. Plan is to be fully open and ready to go in 2019.

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Is there a spot in Rochester for winter practice? Since the old dome shut down years ago I haven’t heard of something else in the area.

There isn’t. We do have a golf store called Rochester Indoor Golf Center that has some simulators, but thats really it.

Love that this is here.

Living in Eagan and play most of my golf at Inverwood (IGH) and various tracks around Woodbury (work in Maplewood).

Not a golf course nerd or snob at all…just love to play and observe the game.

I live in Minneapolis, grew up in Baudette, MN up on the Canadian border. I try to play at least once a week from April-October since the season is so limited. Love following the professional tours and watching a lot of golf in the offseason when we’re freezing our tails off.

Live in Minneapolis now, grew up in the western 'burbs. Try to play once a week, mostly weekends. Don’t have any friends who like to golf on a regular basis so if anyone is looking for an extra member in your golf crew, let me know!

Not sure how old you are, but do you know the Beckel’s from Baudette? Dewey is one of my best friends in Owatonna, we play 1-2 times per week together.

yeah, I don’t know him personally, but his brother Jack was in my class. I’m 31, class of 05. I think Dewey would have been class of 02

Anyone played The Jewel or Mississippi National Golf Links?

Both. The Jewel is one of my favorite courses in the state.