Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)


I didn’t like Spoon and Stable. I’ve only been once though. I’d be willing to give it another try.

Thanks for the help guis! My wife will be thankful that some golf sickos were able to help me out!


Let us know what you end up going with once you decide!

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Colita is incredible. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.


We actually have reservations on the Martina patio for our 1st anniversary this Saturday.

Can’t wait as it was one of the last places we went before the Pandemic hit and was one of the more fun meals I’ve had in the Cities.

Highly recommend.


Daniel Del Prado just very quietly opened his take out pizza place today. Can’t believe this went under the radar.

Pizza has made quite the resurgence in the last few years.


Well it looks like I know where I’m eating tonight…

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What time are you going? We made them there as well at 4:45pm (only time available on the patio). We aren’t sure if we are going there or Lat14 yet. Got resys at both.


If you do, report back. I always hesitate to check a place out in the opening week.

6:00pm - made the reservation about a month ago.

If 4:45pm isn’t too early for you I would pick Martina 10 times out of 10.

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Would you also take martina over spoon?

Also just got some more pictures of the soft opening at Roslia. It looks gooooooooooood.

…I think so? We just went to Spoon & Stable two weeks ago so I’ll give a fairer comparison after Saturday.

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You didn’t ask, but I would choose Martina over Spoon & Stable. Also very excited to give Rosalia alive. I just caught up on another thread (can’t remember which one: where you were trying to defend MN pizza prowess to some close minded individuals, but if this place is as good as it probably will be, MN pizza scene is pretty top tier.

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Always looking for input! Yea I think if i had to pick one i think it would be martina but it is close and could be persuaded another way.

Haha, yea i will always go to bat for MN and the food scene we have here. That was was very “refuge” like argument.

About a week?

Closing signups end of day today, then payment and pairings info out early next week.

I am currently signed up but not sure if I’ll make it. My grandma died a couple days ago and it is looking more and more like that is the weekend I am going to be headed home.Baker may have to remain on my hit list one more year.

Shoot. Thank you but I’m stuck that day. Would have loved meeting more folks.


Sorry for your loss.

For now, I’ll take you off the list of players, possible that we end up with two swing spots, so if it turns out you can come, just reach out to me. Can’t promise you’ll get a match but can still join the crew out at Baker.

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I don’t have a GHIN right now but would be happy to play the Jeff Knox role if the numbers shake out.