Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)

Each time i four putted i just had to laugh.

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I remember on 1, I saw where I was on the green and said, “I’d legitimately be happy with a 3 putt here”. Not many places I’ve said that.

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and 2, and 3, and 4…

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Glad you enjoyed it and differing opinions is the beauty of this game! If I lived 10 minutes away I would consider joining there but it was under 30 minutes from my house and 10 minutes from my office that I don’t go to right now. Also, while it might be considered good value in the metro any private course starts making the Stoneridge and Troy Burne memberships look way cheaper!

I played in April and I think it’s a course that is way uglier with buildings and louder with road noise on a few holes until the leaves grow in. So probably not a huge issue from May until October.

Not sure if you walked or rode but it felt like every tee box was walking backwards from the prior green. A lot of members even tee off on the next par 4 after hitting their tee shot on signature par 3 on the back 9 because they don’t want to walk backwards after.

I bet you’re absolutely right with the views/road noise being better as trees and bushes fill in.

I did walk and know what you’re talking about…definitely a few holes where you have to double back but didn’t give me any pause (personally). When that happens in Scotland it’s called “quirk” or “charm”! :slight_smile:

And honestly, no membership at a metro private club makes financial sense when you compare it against Stoneridge. It’s insane how good that deal is when you consider the course and facilities.


Its never good when the newspaper is reporting your clubs attempts to buy a different golf course because of the amount of required maintenance.

If Southview bought Prestwick and made some moves this would be interesting i think.

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Bumping this one more time. 9:45 at Gross tomorrow, anyone? Great company and also me.

haha I just came here to bump my 7:40am at Keller tomorrow. 2 spots

@DuckDuckGreyDuckHook @libraryTryhard whispers take a hint…

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I’ve been looking at this all week, just need everything to work out tomorrow. Can I let you and @QGorski know tonight? Still unsure.


Fall golf in MN does not suck. Lovely walk this afternoon with @mplsgolfer at Rush Creek. Definitely #csuite vibes.


The sun setting at Rush Creek a few weeks ago was one of my favorite golf moments I’ve experienced this year. Looks like a perfect night!


Looks Awesome.

I have two major complaints about fall golf though; Sunsets earlier/rises later, hard time finding your ball in the leaves (i don’t hit fairways)


I’ll add a 3rd…recovering greens after being punched, but the cheaper rates make up for it! I love it when the weather is great in late October. The leaves have all fallen and been mulched.


Always the time of year I regret going to yellow golf balls.


Maybe this is how the USGA can make the rough actually matter: leaves everywhere and player must find their own ball.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but are there many courses are offering lower rates due to aeration? Was disappointed at Prestwick charging full rate despite recent punching. Was #notgreatbob
Feels like with how full tee sheets are, courses aren’t cutting any deals on that front (shrink the game?)

Not strictly because of fall maintenance, but just fall rate reductions in general. Once the greens heal, the grass in late Sept/early Oct is great!