Roll Call - Metro NYC

Hello all, would love to get on the Discord. Moved up to Larchmont last year and trying to get playing more often

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@Cinnamon can you help him out… I’m, ummmm, busy


Thank you both, received! Enjoy the round!

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Any chance you could pass on that discord invite?

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Of course!

Hey everyone! Just moved to NYC (Upper East Side) a couple of weeks ago from Michigan. I joined 5 Iron and am looking for people to play with on either the sim or an actual course. I’m 28 and carry a 5.5 index- looking forward to meeting some of you!

Also, can anyone pass on the discord link? Thank you!

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ill send it your way!

Shot in the dark here - anyone belong to Southward Ho in Bay Shore? Or if not a member has played the course?

Interested in joining and would love insight from a member or someone who has played the course.

Neshanic Valley in NJ (~1h from NYC) has a large practice facility that might be worth the hike if you’re gonna be there for a bit. They have a large grass range, a couple chipping greens w/ bunkers. The course itself is pretty great and w. 27 holes you could probably tack on 9 to a practice session with some planning.

Whats up NYC? The wife and I are spending Thanksgiving in NYC for her birthday and she wants to go to the Thanksgiving day parade. What are my best options here? I’ve looked around and it seems getting tickets to a brunch is my best bet but wanted to hear from yall about your experiences.

Recently moved to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Looking for people to golf with. Don’t have a car so a little limited in where I can play without a ride. 29yo with an 11 handicap.

Hit me up if you’re in the area and need a 4th



Something I always thought was cool to watch re: the parade was them blowing up the balloons in Central Park the day before. May be a fun thing to check out, they do allow spectating (usually between noon and 6 pm the day before - here’s info from last year).

2022 Balloon Inflation & Thanksgiving Day Parade Traffic and Media Advisory | City of New York.

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Not a member but I caddied there in college so played it most Mondays back then. Granted this was a while ago now (15 yrs ago) so not sure if the course/club has changed at all but it was a fun course to play. It was always in good shape, not terribly long but I’d definitely say it’s a good course to be a member at and play all the time. Also from what I remember the members were pretty normal and nice people, not the snooty type you get at some of the higher end LI clubs.

Hey everyone! I just moved out to NJ from Detroit. If anyone’s out in the Somerville area or has some golf cookin for the weekend I’d love to play! I’m here till Nov and would love to get out to Bethpage before I leave!


Where in Detroit?

I was just north of the city. Little spot called Lake Orion.

Nice, I grew up in West Bloomfield, hopefully we can meet up at one of our events

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How do you pronounce Orion?




Asking, a TK little


Or E n. If that makes sense!