Roll Call - Metro NYC

You right…. I forgot they’re not the same company

Any bagel/breakfast sandwich places near bethpage recommendations??

Town Bagel

Can someone please send a discord invite? Thanks!

Stuff a bagel on Broadway. After the round go Pappardelles for pizza.

I look forward to Bethpage rounds just for the food before and after

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Hey folks I’m in NYC next week and taking off Friday 6/23 for a round. Anybody want to join Bethpage or similar? Gotta get to JFK by 6pm otherwise flexible.

Heyo, in the process of driving up the coast to complete the move from ATL to NYC (Flatbush). Could someone send me a Discord invite? Have been #involved in the Peachtree Collective in ATL for a bit, excited to meet some new folks in NYC. -Nate

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DM sent!

Hey there! Longtime NLU fan and scratch golfer. Recently moved to NY (UWS) and hoping to find some course recs and folks to tee it up with. Would someone be able to send me an invite to the Discord mentioned above?

Hey NYC group, I’ll be in the city with my wife and little brother Sunday-Tuesday, and really want to see a comedy show. Wondering if anyone has a favorite spot for a late-night show on Monday?

So far I’ve found one at The Fat Black Pussycat or a free show called Frantic at The Stand on Mondays at 10p

The Stand is my go-to. Have been there for some good drop-ins, and I enjoy most of the regulars there


Comedy Cellar down in the Village. OG New York comedy club and you never know who will pop in.

John’s of Bleecker Street for pizza before. Bar Next Door after. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Comedy Cellar - Comedy Cellar

Bar Next Door (

Edit - Just seeing that maybe BND doesn’t play music post-covid? Not sure the situation so call to check.


Have plans to hit John’s at least twice on this 2.5-day trip, haha. The Fat Black Pussycat is part of Comedy Cellar.

I’m really interested in The Stand, @Pat but didn’t know how the free show would be: Frantic! FREE Show Hosted by Aaron Berg & Kerryn Feehan on July 10, 2023 | The Stand Restaurant & Comedy Club

I’ve never been to the free Monday show. Both hosts listed are very good at what they do. I recognize some of the other names but not all. I feel like it’s a safe bet it will be a good time. Really great cocktails and food too.

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Seeking a recommendation for public range with grass tees to practice fairway woods/hybrids. Know a place not too far from the city? Obviously this is for spring planning :wink:

Wanted to refresh this question re grass range other than Ferry Point.
Spent too much time at Chelsea Piers and 5iron golf, looking for some real turf. Willing to public transit/uber an unreasonable distance :joy:

Silence is deafening! I honestly can’t think of a non-private place with a grass range

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Only one on Long Island I know is at Wind Watch which is quite a trip

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Thanks for the invite… 9:30 MacDougal or 10pm Village Underground (Comedy Cellar) would be my go to.

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Son of a gun, I forgot you moved to NYC

Not convenient at all but for the sake of options Game on Golf Center in Greenburgh has grass range until noon. Only other public one I can think of is in Putnam County, Centennial GC but only Friday-Sunday

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