Roll Call - Metro NYC

Anyone in the NYC area (Westchester, LI, CT, or NJ)?

Live in White Plains and looking to join a new club this year or next.

Live on Long Island. Primarily play the courses at Bethpage, and some other local public courses near me. Sometimes venture out to Suffolk and play some stuff out there.

Used to live in the city, and have played a lot of the city courses, and a few tracks up in Westchester and Rockland County.

Was waiting for this thread!

Live in lower Westchester and suffer through the pace of play issues at the county courses all the damn time. Saxon, Maple, Sprain, Dunwoodie. Really like Mohansic and Hudson when I can get up that way.

I live in the city but used to work in Westchester. During that time I was a member at Knollwood Country Club, in Elmsford. I have only very positive things to say about Knollwood. Unfortunately I had to leave the club which was devastating. It’s a Tillinghast / Raynor / Banks design (very interesting story) which is kept in fantastic condition and it won’t cost you your first born child to join. Shoot me a message if you want to here more.

I live in Hoboken. Thinking I might have a little better access than when I was in Manhattan. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Any insight on less expensive clubs to join for a 30 year old?

Also, went to the simulator in Parimus yesterday. Been in the city as well. They’re fun to tune up in the winter on if anybody wants to have some friendly matches.

I would look at Metuchen golf and country club. I used to live and Hoboken and was a member there. Its about 20 to 25 min away and the membership and the course is great

I’m in Morristown and play out of Basking Ridge. Really affordable membership plans, plus its around the corner from my office. Might be a little bit on the far side for you though distance wise. I know a bunch of guys that live around hoboken and play out of Fiddler’s but thats just about the same distance.

Thanks. Says about 40 minutes. That’s probably on the edge of doable. I sent them an inquiry.

Ya. Both are about an hour. That would make it very tough during the week, but might be worth it if the price is right. Greatly appreciated. Google searches don’t offer a lot of knowledge.

Live in Manhattan, grew up in NJ. Grew up as a country club kid, but turned nomad. Try to play LIGA and MGA events.

Looking for a tag partner for the 4 ball

Also, I’ve always wanted NLU to host regional tournaments.


@GaryPotter I’m in total agreement with @OutsideTheCut on Knollwood. I’m a “Heritage” member (limited membership) under my father in law and have been playing there for 5 years now. They’ve done some fantastic restoration (bunkers, tree removal, etc) and have a pool and others things for the family. The course is short but not easy, true test of great architecture. Phenomenal shape and not pretentious at all. Feel free to message me if you want more info, I know they’re looking for members (once I can convince the wife I’d like to become a full member but for it good right now with the heritage deal). As for public golf, I can’t stand the Westchester courses, I’m in a league at the Links of Unionvale in Dutchess county. Great course and possibly the best group of guys to play golf with (mostly Irish).

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I’m on Long Island, I just moved out here from Brooklyn… I did not grow up playing golf and none of my friends in the area are interested in trying, so I just play with randos at Bethpage and nearby Eisenhower.

I wonder if there are any ‘affordable’ memberships in the area for someone aged 31…I don’t expect that to really be a thing but it sure would be nice to have a regular group.

Also I suck and probably need lessons. Any decent pros you guys could recommend?

I haven’t played Eisenhower in a while, I heard they lost their greens last summer.

Supposedly, a new employee screwed up and sprayed some harmful chemical on the Red course’s greens.

I gave it a shot because they offered a discount after receiving a lot of complaints. About half of the greens had huge dead spots. Not pretty.

Former Hobokenite here before I moved to the burbs, and member of Beacon Hill CC in Atlantic Highlands. A couple of our Legacy Members (under 40, parents are members) live in Hoboken. It’s a little further hike than Metuchen but well worth it. Pretty sure we have a ferry route to/from Hoboken as well if that’s convenient for you. DM if you want more info.

Long Island (Nassau) checking in

Live in Hoboken, but belong to a club in central Jersey with a couple of buddies. Always down to play friendly matches outside or on the simulator in the winter.

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I know this isn’t club related, but has anyone played Marine Park out in Brooklyn? I saw it’s Robert Trent Jones and wanted to know if it’s worth the trek from Manhattan.

In Manhattan you don’t exactly have a lot of options… You may as well check out Marine Park and Dyker Beach (if you haven’t already). There’s another course a little further out in Queens (Forest Park?), but I haven’t tried it.

My buddy lives in Jersey City so I’ve played out there at Skyway a few times but I’m going to check out BK this spring.