Roll Call - Metro NYC

Got it, didn’t realize it was residents only. Oyster bay is on the radar as well.

Regarding bethage, if we’re unable to get a tee time in advance, what time would people recommend showing up for the walk up times? It would be 2 of us.

As a twosome you should be able to get on the course of your choice, including black, if you got there between 5&6. Although, is this Memorial Day Weekend? If so, try to get there as early as you can. It’ll be busy. No need to sleep overnight though

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Whats up dudes?? Long-time lurker here and hoping to meet some of you guis in person!

Hitting the Dead & Co. shows at Citi Field on 6/21-22 and staying in Flushing. Might try to play the Dougy/Clearview or minimally the Flushing Pitch & Putt on 6/22 morning. Not trying to get too adventurous, but if anyone’s around and interested in coordinating, let me know.

Will definitely be in the lot pre-show for some cold bevys too, hope to see a few of you there.

Join Discord @SeymourByrdees and then we can speak


Hi Folks,

Long time listener first time caller. Located in Monmouth County NJ for the past 10 years, before that north shore Nassau County for 30 years.

Excited to connect and see what weird shit I’ll find here.

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Hi All - Need some help… Moving to NY Metro from London UK - likely to be in Westchester area medium term. Two young kids (who id love to get in the game) has kept me away from the course but Id love to get back to a competitive standard (current hcap 2) … are there any clubs / country clubs that are accepting new members or that dont have an insane joining fee?

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As a Brit, what do you consider “insane”? Compared to the UK model it’s all insane here (especially in NY). You certainly are not going to get the deals you guys have over there!

I live in Westchester and belong to Knollwood CC, which is definitely 2nd tier compared to some of the big hitters around here. Happy to discuss anything golf or non-golf related if you want to hit me up in DMs

First of all - I am Irish ! … I think 50k up front joining fee shifts into the insane bracket but it’s all relative really

I was living in Ny city for 5 years before moving back to London before returning so played a bit, mainly the public courses… knoll wood is nice… all I’m looking for is a good community / practise range / course

The main problem is that it’s very hard to know which are taking in new members

Can someone resend the discord link because it won’t work for me please?

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Same @HibernatingBear

Not sure where in Westchester you’re going to be located but I looked into Mahopac GC briefly and their rates were the lowest of the Westchester area courses I looked into. Golf course is good not great but it gets pricey quick otherwise.

I’ll also add Knollwood is a fantastic golf course to piggyback off of @HibernatingBear

I looked into Mahopac which had some attractive pricing for my age. Paying a fee to walk every time was a non-starter for me.

Hollow Brook is another affordable club. I’ve only played Knollwood once but I really enjoyed it and everyone I’ve spoken to shares that sentiment

The trial fee at Mahopac rubbed me the wrong way but if you add in the couple thousand saved every year in dues otherwise I was willing to let it slide.

Hollow Brook is a golf course I enjoy but is absolutely unwalkable in my opinion. The walk from 9 to 10 alone is a small hike.

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@Andrewst @SeymourByrdees

Anybody have any experience with fittings at the PGA Superstore in White Plains? Just got a gift card and figured I’d get a fitting since I’ve never had one and my clubs are 15 years old.

Thanks a million on course recos - @HibernatingBear can i please get the discord link?

I did the $100 fitting there last time and would not go again. Worked with Justin who seemed nice enough but also kind of a space case and I don’t think steered me in the direction I wanted to go. Never sent me my full data, and I bought a stock wedge from them as kind of a peace offering (no way I was paying $5600 for the full bag he fit me into from them) and it took 7 weeks to arrive. He shipped it to the store instead of my house (we specifically talked about that since I’m up north of Albany), lied about having shipped it from the store for over a month, then finally shipped it in a box with no bubble wrap or anything.

On the store itself, they basically didn’t have stock of anything that I wanted to try. No autoflex, no LA Golf iron shafts, no T100s heads. If you’re dead set on it, I’d pick the guy who isn’t Justin as your fitter and don’t let them hand you any iron shafts from Oban or Accra unless you’d like to pay them a ton of money to build your clubs.

There’s also a Manhattan store, and a lot of guys in the NY group have gone to Zach Weber for their fittings and been happy.

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Good to know - looks like Anthony Ruvolo handles the fittings there now, so it might be a better experience. Honestly don’t know much about the fitting process or what to look out for, so probably need to do some more research so I don’t get robbed.

I think @Shortwaywrongway is thinking of Club Champion and not PGA SS, no? At least the Manhattan/Zach location is def CC, not sure about White Plains

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