Roll Call - Metro NYC

First of all, I love that @PublicTransitGolfer’s first post is about taking public transit. It’s like he was just waiting for his moment. Welcome!

Bagel stores in NY are always open by 6am. The natives get restless (Long Islanders especially)


If you can’t get a bagel in NY at 6 AM then you’re probably actually in Connecticut.


as someone who once lived in connecticut, i very much appreciate this.


After picking up golf in Spring of 21’, becoming a total addict since then, and listening/watching the NLU crew religiously for over a year I finally decided to #getinvolved. Made this account a week or two ago and am glad I neglected starting to use it because this was a fitting first post for sure haha.

I’m Andrew, one of those BK folks who can be spotted most weekends waiting for the Ronkokoma transfer at Jamaica with my sticks and push cart. @HibernatingBear I saw you might be the one to ask regarding the roost and getting more info on that. Is it too late to join for this year?


Yep I’m your man and certainly not too late… I’ll DM you a little later with detail

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What is google having me do?

Is this really the best way to get there at 6 am?

I dunno

Haha… welcome to New York City, where if you don’t have a car we’re going to make it really hard/expensive for you to play golf (sole reason I lived in Long Island City for 7 years, so I could have a car and have easy access to Bethpage)

So that’s having you take the 7 to Flushing in order to get the LIRR at Jamaica (I think?). This seems crazy but it also might be due to the fact that you’re checking at 11pm.

You can get the LIRR at both Penn Station and Grand Central (not familiar with the GC train schedules as that’s brand new).

Not stopping you from Lyft but taking public transport is part of the experience! Haha

(Also charge your damn phone)


so it looks like from Bethpage to LaGaurdia at about 4/5 on a friday is an hour or so… does that track?

ok seeing if i can get some reccs:

i’ll be getting to town wednesday morning. working from our hotel. staying at the langham going out solo wednesday night for dinner. anywhere to find a nice spot at a bar for a cocktail and good meal?

thursday working from hotel again, then going out with mrs. pargame. one night in the city.

where do i get coffee? bagel? doughnut? anything else?

where should we eat? anywhere to sit outside? we’d like to pop to a couple places, like an app crawl type of thing.

can we get into the comedy cellar? appears it’s sold out? are there second market tix?

any other suggestions?

i am then going to try and play day of walk-up golf on the black course on friday.

Going to quickly answer this one and hopefully get to the other questions at some point. They accept walk ups for every show, but I’d suggest lining up 45min-hour before the show. And if your past the first tree (or is it a light post, whatever you’ll see) then you probably wont get in.

There is a bar if you turn right in MacDougal that will sell you cocktails “to go” if you don’t mind risking drinking in public and want a drink while you wait. Oh and this is for the MacDougal location Village Underground also takes walk ups around the corner and is a bigger space, so maybe a better chance but haven’t tried it there.

Last thing, I’d probably avoid the area directly around your hotel for food. Sure there are some great spots, but hard to find in midtown. You being solo on Wednesday means you could potentially walk in and sit at the bar at some of the best spots, so I’ll send some places I’d go if I was solo tomorrow.


I can help out with some of your questions, I hope. You’re very near Bryant park, use to study there all the time, just a beautiful library…

For coffee, I recommend Culture Espresso, it’s on 38th bn 5th and 6th. There’s also Blue bottle on 40th bn 5/6th aves, right across from the park. On that same block, you’ll find Heritage Bakery, good but pricey place for croissants and pastries.

Raines Law Room at the William is a great place for a cocktail.

One of my favorite places to grab a drink is the terrace at The Met, and it’s not close to you but you should def go to the met, if you’re into museums, truly amazing. The terrace is seasonal so it may not be open.

There are other good standup spots near NYU if the cellar is full. It’s NYC so you’ll hear good comedians in tons of those other spots too.

If you’re into jazz, also check out a late night jazz club show. World class musicians playing in wonderful little spots, unless you go to the blue note or birdland, or course.

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Hello everyone! I am a new transplant to the city I’m 23 years old and played Golf at Boston College. Any initial tips, things you’ve learned, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is ever looking for a 4th do not hesitate to reach out.

(Also this is my first post hopefully, I’ve done this correctly)


@HibernatingBear get at it!

We have a discord server you’re welcome to join, tons of guys and playing opportunities!

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Reporting back-

Got to bethpage about 6:15. No line. All kinds of available spots.

Quick breather, teeing off at 8.

Thanks for the tips!

Cheers craic on!


Great to hear but how did you end up getting there? The world needs to know

I took a lyft. I refuse to check how much it ended up costing


Hey everyone…

I found out last month that I was approved for a 2023 guest pass at Yale GC, where I can make tee times throughout the season. I made a twosome tee time for mid-day Saturday 5/13, where I now have one open spot thanks to a buddy of mine having to back out. I’ve never played the course but will be making the trek up that morning on the MTA from NYC.

If you’re interested, let me know. I typically play for loser-buys-lunch-at-the-turn level stakes off an 8 handicap with equal flashes of “hey man you’re one-under the last 3 holes, right?” and “you’ll need to avoid three-putting to shoot 88 here.”


Hello everyone,

I’m coming down to Long Island next weekend from Boston for a little golf trip and am starting to set up accounts at different courses for tee times. I was looking at the Eisenhower red course website and can’t for the life of me figure out how to make an account without a leisure pass (which is a resident only thing correct?). I could very well just be an idiot or maybe it’s an issue of doing things from my phone versus a computer. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Now accepting investors.

Ike is a county course and requires you to be a county resident with the aforementioned leisure pass to book. Others might know better but I’ve heard Ike (even Red) has declined over the years.

Not sure the rules with Town of Oyster Bay but I would def look into that course, as well as Timber Point.

(My assumption is that Bethpage is already on the radar)