Roll Call - Metro NYC

Moving to Brooklyn from the NJ/PHL area and have been a member of a club for a little over a year. The price is beyond reasonable and I’m usually able to get out 3-5x a week.

Looking to get a sense of anyone else that has moved there (or just live there) and what the general difficulty of grabbing tee times are, along with how expensive memberships are at the lower/mid tier clubs.

If it helps to provide a bit more detail, just give me a heads up.

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All dependent on how far you want to travel for a club. Living in BK it’s going to be very tough to find a decent private club within 30-45 mins. The ideal option is Rockaway Hunt Club but that will require some sponsors and is certainly not cheap (although it’s an absolutely incredible place). Maybe your best bet for clubs would be NJ but that’s probably an hour minimum and very dependent on traffic. Overall, living in BK and having a private membership somewhere is difficult… unless you’re JJ Redick.

Within our group, we have a lot of BK guys and they seems to get out a fair amount. Their home course is Marine Park but fairly easy to get out to Bethpage from BK.

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Curious if anyone here is a member at Hempstead Golf and Country Club? Prospective member myself and would love to ask a few questions.

Team- sneaking in here to see if there’s anything different to play Bethpage in the spring? Going to be coming into town on April 27 so Wednesday should be easy I hope?

What’s up refuge,

I’m from Boston, going to visit the girlfriend’s family on long island in June. Does anyone know how realistic it is to walk up as a single to Bethpage Black on a weekday. I know people sleep in their cars, but does being a single make it a little easier? Thanks for the input


I booked a time a week out last summer. Didn’t seem too hard.


You can book online as a single too.


@Sfinn welcome! I moved your post to the Roll Call - Metro NYC thread so you will have access to the most people who can answer your question.


Should be very easy as a single. If you were to get there around 6am I have little doubt that you’ll be out no later than 10am.

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If you’re walking up as a single, you’ll have no issue walking up on a weekday. As said above me, if you got there early in the morning you should be able to sneak out on Black within a couple hours. You should be able to find a round on any of the 5 courses within the hour.


Looks like I can just book black 5 days out online?

Gonna try that.

Thanks for the replu

I can promise you right now, short of a miracle, you will not get a time.

NYS residents can book 7 days prior and tee times vanish the second they go live. I’ve had luck in the past checking the night before but I wouldn’t bank on an online reservation.

For walk ups, the first hour of the tee sheet each day is reserved for walk ups along with one tee time each hour.


i see. so get there about 6 a.m. and hunker down.

thanks for the clarification!

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No worries! As someone who’s played 200+ rounds at the park, I always want to keep expectations realistic for people coming in. It’s a great haven of affordable public golf but it’s a struggle if you’re not used to how it works.


taggling along with my wife’s work trip, working remotely thursday.

will just taxi out with the sticks wednesday morning!

From where? I hope not the city… if from the city, use Long Island Railroad and take it to Bethpage or Farmingdale. 5 min cab/uber from there. Cab/uber from the city will double the cost of your day.

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yeah i’d be coming from somewhere in manhattan. not sure where we are staying.

If you take the LIRR to Farmingdale it’s also walkable from the train station, about 0.8 miles if you enter from the service entrance near the 18th green on the Green course. It’s hit or miss whether you can find an uber from the station. Would also recommend stopping here for a bagel on your way to the course.


it’s also going to be 6 am so stuff may not be open?