Roll Call - Metro NYC

Another Bethpage Black question, what is the realistic pace of play? 5-5.5?

I too will be in the area later in the summer, and at a certain point, an available tee time in the afternoon is not a good tee time for finishing 18.


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5.5 is realistic. It is slow not as much as you are waiting on people, though you definitely are just it is a tough walk and you can lose a lot of balls without a forecaddie.


Agree with @Dags98, 5 hours is typical. unlikely you’ll be waiting on other groups but it’s a huge ballpark and death march’s are never short :wink:


On my business trip to New York next week, I’m going to the Mets game on the 18th (sadly after the mariners have left town) with all my coworkers.

Anything I should make a point to seek out? We’re sitting down the left field line, in a bit past 3rd base.

There not a ton near Citi Field, pretty good brewery on the far side of the stadium but not a lot of other options. If you’re a tennis fan the US Open venue is nearby.