Roll Call: Maine

I played there Saturday and thought it was fine. Still rough in some spots but better now than those pics you’re referencing.

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The most recent review on google seems like someone who didn’t know what they were signing up for and wanted to play TPC Arundel.


If a group of you ever find yourselves out this way, we can show you a moderately interesting time and underwhelm with our personalities

Web plays longer for sure, a great walk - also, hey Jimmy!

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Hey all, looking to do a getaway for my brother’s 40th around the York area.
Any idea if there are stay and play packages at courses in that area? Or places that sleep 6-8, looking to go last weekend in June.
Thanks for any info and go Celtics!

The Ledges is great. Old Marsh and Links at Outlook are solid. Pease or Breakfast Hill or The Oaks down in the Portsmouth area good options as well.

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Links at Outlook in Berwick has a package with Stage House Inn I believe.

Plenty of good golf options as mentioned above though if you want to go the AirBnB/Vrbo route. I’m a member at Old Marsh and the course came out of the winter in excellent shape.

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Howdy, new Refuge member in Portland. I’ve lived here a decade but still have MANY courses left to try. I play most often at Riverside, which is close by. Looking forward to connecting with you all!


Just wanted to give a shout to anyone above in this thread (or elsewhere here) who’s recommended Cape Arundel. Played there this morning in the rain and loved every second of it.

It unexpectedly answered the “Can You Imagine Playing Here Every Day for The Rest of Your Life?” question for me. Great surprise, super walkable, incredible conditions (even if soggy). Such awesomeness; thanks again Maine folks.


Not a lot of action in here. Headed down to Portland from Bangor on Thursday to go to a concert at SPACE and stay the night. Thinking of playing Cape Arundel on Thursday late morning/early afternoon. Anyone want to join?

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New here but member at Cape Neddick, live in Portsmouth NH. Sup y’all.


Welcome aboard!

Thanks Gary. Did I see you talking about Old Marsh? Didn’t get over this year but I enjoy that track. I need to play there and Ledges more next season!

Yes sir! Been a member there for a few years now. Happy to have you out next summer. I need to get back out to The Ledges too.

Hey Matt - also in the 03801. Over at PCC for past few years. Not sure if they still do it but used to bring my girls to Cape Neddick on Sundays for short 9 hole course they’d setup. Was like $10/ea with cart + dogs & burgers! Anyway, good to see another seacoaster on here!

Sounds like we have some golf in our future. How’s the waitlist right now at PCC? That’s my fav non-GCNE course in the area.

Not sure in the kids thing I’ll mention it to our new pro tho, sounds great!

Deep unfortunately since recent switch to full private. I heard 5-6 years once on list and that is through sponsorship. And I haven’t heard anything about current members recently getting sponsorships to give. Happy to host some day next spring though!

Sounds like a plan, and yeah that’s what I had heard about a year ago. One of these days!

Hey, looking for some opinion on where to play. Three guys heading from New Brunswick to Boston. Memorial Day weekend. Friday probably playing Fox Ridge and staying in Portland for a SeaDogs game, Saturday going into Boston for the Sox game. Sunday, heading home and looking for recommendations for where to play. Thanks all.

I would suggest hitting up Belgrade Lakes or Brunswick GC since they’re north of Portland and (sort of) on your way back up.

Plenty of good options south of Portland like Cape Arundel, Biddeford-Saco, and The Ledges to name a few. Adding some extra time to your return drive to Canada though.

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