Roll Call: Maine

Okay…im definitely taking my camera

I grew up in Maine, live in Boston now. My in-laws have a place in Bridgeton and my folks still live in Belgrade. So I am up playing in the area regularly.

I’m playing Old Marsh next Thursday (5/19) anything I should know?

I’m a member at Old Marsh.

Been open for the season since April 1. Got a new super this winter and course has been okay so far. Greens have been kind of slow to start, but they’ve fixed a big time fairway issue from last year. FYI that they started aerating this week.

It’s tight off the tee. Lots of trees and the back runs through the housing community. A few tips for some holes:

2 - Can’t see the flag from the tee. Hit up the right side to avoid a blind approach.

3 - Short par 5 but can be a tough second shot. I like going at the greenside bunker on the left with hybrid.

7 - Fairway runs out at about 250 off the tee. Wouldn’t even hit three wood; hybrid or long iron is fine. Tough green to hit, a lot of balls end up short.

9 - Best line off the tee is over the bunkers on the left.

10 - Take a hybrid or long iron at the big bunker straight away.

13 - You can cut the corner and go over the trees on the right. Fairway runs out shorter than it looks.

14 - Driveable par-4. Play to the right edge of the green and let it run up. Huge waste bunker up the left side.

16 - Take it over the edge of the marsh for the best line.

17 - Not really a tip, but this is the biggest green in the state.

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Thanks for the great tips!

What time is your tee time? I’ll mention it to the shop so you can get a discounted rate.

Thanks, Im there at 1:30 on 5/19 with my father in law and my wifes’ uncle

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Well no Arundel today…tested positive for covid this morning.


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I’d be down to Sherpa you next time you’re able to come up and play.

Id love that, at this point ill probably just book a random tee time and drive up for the day. Its only 1.5 hours

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