Roll Call: L.A. County (Rustic Canyon and the Coachella Valley are not in L.A. County)

Anyone going to be at Otoboke Beaver tonight? I’m stopping by a discussion between Judd Apatow and Kevin Nealon first. Look me up if you are at either event. I’m the golfer.

headed to visit my folks in playa vista for ~3 weeks starting this weekend!

do y’all have a message board / chat where you share tee times you’ve booked? would love to play together and seems like times are tough to come by at rancho park / griffith!

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I’m flying in for work Sunday. Is there anywhere worth trying to play in between LAX and Glendale? First time bringing the sticks to the west coast. Bonus points if any refugees want to Sherpa.

The LA City courses are probably your best bet: Rancho Park, Roosevelt (9 holes), Wilson & Harding (Wilson was on Strapped if you care about that sort of thing). Tee times can be tough to get but you may get lucky if you go out as a single. Are you trying to play Sunday or are you aiming for sometime during the week?

Brookside in Pasadena is close to Glendale, don’t bother with DeBell in Burbank it’s a Mickey Mouse course on the side of a mountain. Angeles National is close-ish to Burbank but is outrageously priced.

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Thanks! I was looking at the LA City courses and thought something was wrong. All the tee times up to 2pm are gone? Or do I just need to call? Wilson & Harding is essentially across the street from our shop.

Ideally will try to play Sunday and maybe again later in the week if it works out.

Not a glitch. There is a huge demand since the Covid shutdowns for golf and not enough public options. The one option that might work is waiting until 24-30 hours before you want to play and continually hitting refresh on the webpage hoping to snag someone’s cancellation. Sounds crazy, but this does work for some people in our text thread/roost. You can also show up at Wilson & Harding to get your name on the singles queue and hope someone no-shows for their foursome. With two 18 hole courses you’d have better luck than Rancho Park.

Roosevelt is a ton of fun for nine holes and is just around the corner/mountain from Wilson & Harding. Great views of the city/observatory and a nice place to people watch at the cafe next to the starter’s shack. Tee times are also more “available” since it’s only nine holes.


We are such a broken country.


Me and a buddy are heading out to your end of the world next week.

Current itinerary:
Thu: 36 at Rustic
Fri: 18 at Sandpiper
Sat: 36 at Soule Park

We don’t fly out until 4pm on Sunday, thinking we might try and catch a round somewhere closer to town before we fly out of LAX. Any suggestions on where we should look?


I would say Los Verdes is your best option close to the airport but its nearly impossible to get a sunday tee time. Use Noteefy, and you might get lucky.

Otherwise, Westchester is an 18 hole exec course right around the corner from the airport.

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In town for a friend’s wedding and I have Friday afternoon free. Any mudders want to get a round in at Skylinks this Friday at 11:30? One more $34 tee available through GolfNow.

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If anyone is a class of 2023/2024 undergrad or a grad student or has one in their network looking to work in sports, the LA Sports & Entertainment Commission has a one-week internship that includes a volunteer role at the US Open at LACC.

Program details here: Professional Development Program - Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission

Application is here:


I’ll be out in San Clemente visiting the last week of March. I’m trying to golf 3/28 and 3/29 in the afternoon. I’ll do San Clemente muni one day for sure, any other recommendations for the area?

if you have the time, make the trip down to goat hill park.

what’s up gang - long time, first time for this thread but figured i’d say hello as an LA native and current east SM (okay, west LA) resident.

i just read this thread and as someone relatively new to being serious about golf, i just want to ask what the hell happened at angeles national? there were references at the top of the thread to greens fees that were closer to half the current $185 peak weekend rate and it kind of boggles my mind. would love to know if anyone has any insight into that.

also, for anyone that is coming to visit and is having trouble making tee times, i would like to throw in sand canyon in santa clarita as a possible option. 27-hole property with some unique layouts that encourage a bit of strategy and not a complete pain in the ass to access. it’s not better than the consensus favorites in here, but it beats scrounging for times at the city courses on short notice.

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