Roll Call: L.A. County (Rustic Canyon and the Coachella Valley are not in L.A. County)

My job is moving me from the Midwest to the Los Angeles area next month. While I have family out there and some college friends, none of them are golfers. I lived in Torrance for a summer a few years ago and played Los Verdes and the Long Beach 18 frequently. What tracks do you LA Refugees frequent?

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It’s a public course wasteland out here. I’m on the westside so my local options are limited to Westchester and Rancho, both of which are in rough shape. I played 9 holes at Westchester early in the AM last week and 3 of the 9 greens had active sprinklers sitting in the middle of them, which i guess is why it costs $13. Gotta go down to Los Verdes or up to Rustic Canyon to find good courses, but it’s an hour+ drive.

Anyone near LA heard any reviews of the new Rolling Hills Country Club near Palos Verdes or how it compares to the classic country clubs in LA? I saw it was done by McLay-Kidd so i’m intrigued.

I’m in the same boat as @bmr21 (live near Rancho). I keep my handicap at Penmar which serves its purpose as a nice little 9 before work.

Rustic Canyon up in Moorpark is absolutely worth the drive. I get up there 4-5 times a year and it’s always great.

The Ike course at Industry Hills is only $64 on Mondays and is the best value around. Great course and always kept in amazing shape.

Join the SCGA and do some of the member outings. Those tend to be good values at the nicer spots. There are a ton of options within a 30-60 min drive.

I live right by penmar so let me know if you ever go after work ( I never get out before) or maybe plan a round at Rancho?

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Figured I’d pop back in here for an update. Wife and I have comfortably settled into our apartment in MdR. Right off Lincoln and the 90 so Penmar is close. Played it once already but I’m game for post-work rounds as well.

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I’m leaning toward playing more at Penmar these days. Usually do a weekly 9 before work at Westchester, but the conditions/watering strategy are making it unplayable lately.

Saw you post these in the Worst Holes thread. One of the reasons I’ve avoided Westchester thus far.

I played Penmar on Labor Day and really did enjoy it. Seems like we’ve got a potential Refugee Fourball we could get going?


I keep my handicap index with the club at Penmar. It’s one of the cheapest SCGA affiliates and they do monthly Thurs and Saturday morning rounds. Right now we’re in the middle of our annual match play brackets (one scratch, one net). If you need a place to keep an index, it’s a really good option.

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I live about 5 minutes from Penmar and I am down to meet up after work for a quick 9…

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Recently played Angeles National for the first time. I really enjoyed it, thought it was a fun layout and liked being surrounded by the mountains with cool views. A bit on the pricey side at $90 for the weekend afternoon rate, which may be why the course was so empty for a Saturday afternoon. It was in decent shape too, if not a little baked out, which i liked. Some of the greens were a bit overwhelmed with unrepaired ball marks, which is unfortunate.


New sticks arrived yesterday and the wife just started a job that has her working on the weekends pretty often. Anyone interested in a game on Sunday morning?

I played there a few years back (not from LA). Some pretty decent holes out there. I really liked the short par 3 with the super long narrow green (12?). And the par 5 after that with the big bunker and mound blocking the green if you were going for it in two. I also thought the green site for #8 was really attractive (the drive on that hole was a little awkward, however).

The 17th was kind of a mess and there were some runoffs to the sides of some greens that I didn’t love. They also had some silliness with ESAs, as I recall, but overall I thought it was a solid course.

I know the fire got really close there last year. Glad to hear they are still open and in good shape.

I’d be down for a game in the near future, but because of family and work stuff my only options are thurs/fri/sat.

Thurs/Fridays can work well for me too. I’ll be in Mesa next weekend starting Thursday but the second week in November looks good to me. Just getting into Daylight Savings Time issues…

I help run an SCGA affiliate club that plays in Long Beach, OC, Inland Empire one Thursday afternoon a month. We have 50+ members, several of whom are NLU devotees. In addition to our monthly events we also have a running match play tournament and season long points race. We have 6 years under our belt and its a great time with golfers of various ability scratch to low 20s with a median handicap index around 9. If you are interested in joining us, our 2018 season just ended and we will be enrolling members for 2019 between now and Jan 1.

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I would be in for that but unfortunately with work I can rarely get away during the week.

Awhile back I joined the Rancho men’s league and have played in a few saturday tournaments. It seems to be a pretty well run group and does the job for trying to get in some more competitive rounds.

Was in LA over the weekend and made it out to Los Verdes. Pretty cool track for $55, the round took a little bit longer than most but we expected that and the views definitely made up for it.


I really enjoy LV. Great price if you have 7 hours to spare! Playing it this weekend with a buddy who’s visiting from Snowy St. Louis.

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Agreed, well worth the price but it’s definitely a long day. I played it a month or 2 ago and got a $35 twilight rate. Teed off at like 130 and finished in the dark.