Roll Call: Kentucky

Just added myself to the GoogleSheet. Someone hit me with what “YOTB” means. Threw this idea out there … pairing a mini meet up @ Kearney with a UK football home game would be sweet IMO.

It started as a Year of the Blade. For all of us who suck (since you’re a 0.1) we decided to play blades because why not.

Well for the majority of us it has morphed into Year of the Eternal Blade or Life of the Blade.

Even though I am a 15.4 I play Titleist 695 MBs because why not. It is more fun to hit a sexual flushed blade than a Super Game Improvement 20 yards over.

Added myself to the Doc. I’m out of NKY. Would love to check out the course.


I am thinking either Sunday September 4th, 18th or 25th. I can’t do Saturdays due to my son playing tee ball and I coach.

The Bengals play at 4:25 on the 18th and could sit down after the round to watch the game and have beers.

Let me know what you all think. Also if you haven’t signed up or shown interest please mark it down. Going to give Kearney a call soon.

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