Roll Call: Kentucky

Where are all my Bluegrass golfers at?

Here. Louisville area via Lexington via eastern KY.

Lexington here doggy

Lexington - mostly munis and the occasional round at local public courses.

Northern Kentucky here

Henderson, KY (Western Kentucky)

Frankfort CC is the home-course!

Hey y’all, starting a new job which is going to have me traveling to Louisville a lot for about a year. Any course (or other golf related activity) recommendations are very much appreciated!!!


Just moved to Louisville last month after finishing school at EKU last year. @LivingLagunaLoca while I haven’t been able to check out much during this first little bit, U of L Golf Club is a must. That’s a real quality track. Goes without saying, but if you can establish a connection at Valhalla, do it in a heartbeat.

Make a trip to French Lick. The Ross Course is probably my favorite course in the area. The Dye course is a spectacle. Plenty for your wife or girlfriend to do while you’re on the course too, so it makes a nice couples trip.

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I live in Fort Mitchell. That probably counts as Ohio more than Kentucky.

Mainly play at the county run munis up here.

New to Lexington. Play Gibson Bay and Boone’s Trace most often. My friends uncle owns Keene Trace and Keene Run so getting some rounds there as a nonmember.

Same here, glad to see a fellow NKY NLU fan!

Posted in the Woke But Broke thread, but if you are in Lexington or central Kentucky you can’t beat Peninsula Golf Resort. Pete Dye design, I walked 9 yesterday after work for $12. Beautiful drive from Lexington, beautiful course, not busy at all. Please do not share to non refugees.

Gonna be in Louisville Wednesday for work and have the night free. Where should I be golfing?

Head to Nevel Meade. About 20-30 minutes northeast of downtown. Wonderful public course.


Next Saturday, June 15, I am playing in a scramble at Twin Oaks in Covington, KY. I need two more golfers. The golf, food, and some beer is free. I THINK we tee off at 8:00 a.m. and we usually finish golf around 2:00. Yes, a very long round but we have to wait on a couple of tees throughout the day. Anyway, I am also posting this in the Ohio Roll Call so please be quick on getting back to me. The first two responses are in and a waitlist will be done for all others. Reply to this thread. Thanks!

Down to possibly needing ONE golfer. I am waiting to hear from someone later today. If you are interested in playing, please reply to this thread so I can put you down as first alternate.

Thanks for the rec. Nevel Meade was a lot of fun. It would be even more fun after a few plays. Played with a great older gentleman who helped steer me around some of the holes. Also Kentucky has some of the most delightful people I’ve ever met. Everyone was happy to see you.

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This has now been filled. If anything changes, I will post in the thread. Thanks!