Roll Call: KC Area

LOVE me some PDCC. Would play it every day over FHN and I live about 4 miles from it. It was a customer of mine for many years before I changed roles, so had access just about whenever I wanted…tough to let that go!


Ludvig Aberg made it look easy this week. Beat the field by 8 strokes. @Tron would be proud.


At this point he’s like a bass swimming in a pool of minnows. He’s 23 beating up on 18-20 year olds. He’s the biggest kid at the LLWS. Go pro already dude.

Good playing by him though.


I’ll be caddying in the KFT event at Blue Hills this week for David Holmes. Don’t know our tee times yet, but it’d cool to get some NLU/sicko support out there.

Check out the VelvetSteve Caddy thread for more details.


Hell yeah, man! Good luck! I know there are some members of our roost heading out there! Let us know if you need any recommendations for grub or drinks!


We always take good BBQ recommendations.

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Upscale adjacent: Jack Stack
Old school: Arthur Bryants and Gates (I prefer Gates)
Hole in the wall: LC’s, so fucking good
Trending: Joe’s and Q39. Q39 is fire and the OG Joes in the gas station is a trip.
Never been but heard great things - Slaps BBQ. That is where Stonestreet took all the NFL network guys when they were in town for the draft.

I’m sure others will chime in as well


Can confirm that Slaps does indeed Slap


KC BBQ is all about the ribs, right?

I am a big fan of holes in the wall.


My man, burnt ends are our thing.

Ribs are fine but brisket is the king. If youre in the mood for ribs though, I would check out the rib sampler dinner at Jack Stack.


Burnt ends it is.

We just go whatever the area is known for.

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2 spots still open on Friday at Heritage Park. 4:08pm tee time. Let me know if you want to join us.


Anyone have suggestions for a good driving range/practice facility in town?

Heart of America is a good and very large range. Less crowded than St Andrew’s or OP/Sykes. Iron horse has the self serve range machine but almost passed out when I chose large bucket and only 25 balls popped out

I posted in our discord and the DH thread as well -

Short notice - but had a couple guys drop out of a Bandon trip in July.

7/12 through 7/15. Includes 7 rounds, all courses, including one at the preserve and a double room at Chrome Lake.

If you want to get super weird - Spanky and I (and my pops) are driving out the week prior and playing Wild Horse, Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis, and Sylvies Valley on the way. Then we are meeting a couple fellas at Gearhart for the 2 days prior to Bandon.


I’m at Shoal Creek Golf Club regularly. Decent amount of space but can still get busy at peak times. Nearby is Shoal Creek Batting Cages and Driving Range - it has even more space. A lot more casual than a course facility but good for what it is.

Hey y’all the thread for the GPGC Lady Sykes Event is up! Go sign up!


Shoal apparently ended their partnership with Youth On Course. Was at the driving range + batting cages nearby and heard some HS-aged kids who were agitated with the decision. Not great, Bob.