Roll Call: KC Area

Just joining NLU. Here in beautiful KC. Know I’ve seen a few others around so far. Would be great to get everyone organized in one place.

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I live in Raymore and work downtown.

Yo! I moved here about 3 years ago… currently live in the Brookside area.

I’m down for this, and might I suggest a get-together at this little seven holer short course out in KCK? @sundaybag knows something about the place.

I just gave you a lot of reading material if you haven’t been following BCN. My apologies, in advance.


Extremely down for this. I’ll be fairly busy (Ha!) through May of this year building. Love having people out to the course. Can always hit shots and talk about the build etc. Come summer though, would love to tee it up anywhere.

(whispers) we can help with the build if you want it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Don’t live in KC anymore but I grew up there and miss it dearly just hearing someone say they live in Brookside.

I know where @sundaybag plays but where does everyone play / belong around town?

I’m in the same boat and interested to hear people’s answers. I’m also curious as to which of the private clubs are considered to be good or bad. I didnt belong anywhere but maybe played once or twice at Hallbrook, Mission Hills, Leawood South and Lloch Lloyd. Most of my rounds were at Deer Creek, OP, St Andrews, Ironhorse and Falcon Ridge.

I don’t belong to any clubs. I know a couple people at Indian Hills and Hallbrook, but haven’t played there.

In spite of… a lot of things, I love Swope Memorial. The terrain there is so cool with some pretty dramatic elevation changes, yet it maintains walkability. I also like Hillcrest, and sometimes play Heart of America for a quick outing. Jesus, I guess I just never leave Swope Park.

Lady Sykes is fine cause they have 27 holes, a short course, and a good range. The other courses in OP or south of there are not particularly enjoyable for me.

Oh, I’ve also heard good things about Milburn CC.

KC resident here. Not a regular or member anywhere, but am ready to tee it up where ever when it warms up.

Thought about joining Swope, but have heard it’s just super crowded. If Milburn wasn’t so expensive I would join there in a heartbeat. Great golf course and close to my house.


I play out of the Deuce in Parkville along with @sundaybag. Really good deal for young members, or so I am told as I have aged out (even if I don’t always act like it). I would encourage anyone living in/near the northland to give it a look. Prior to joining there I was a golf vagabond with rounds spread throughout the metro. One of my favorites was Dubsdread, had some good length (albeit extremely anti-width & angles) and it was just as fast to drive there than it was to get to Swope from the Plaza at rush hour. Love me some Swope but a man can only play so many 5.5 hour weekend rounds…

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Live and work downtown. Got my hands on the KC30 membership last year. So mostly Swope and HOA (formerly Blue River). Nice to be able to walk 9 in the early mornings before work at HOA.

Understatement. Hallway golf but for some reason, they keep me coming back. Old school charm (and solid GolfNow rates).

I like Sycamore Ridge, Stone Canyon and Hillcrest quite a lot on the public side. They can be hikes but net equal to any rounds at Swope!

What’s the Deuce membership run for a single?

$1500 for the year with unlimited carts if you are under 30.

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Damn. KC30 is $350 for 5 months. Cart is extra, but I walked. Unlimited play at Swope/HOA/Minor except before 12 on weekends. Don’t mind it. Well worth the money last year for me.

Can’t believe I forgot to mention Teetering Rocks. Home of the heart shaped green and the best contemporary art in the vicinit.

image image

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Oh, and a 100 degree dogleg.

(Sorry I spammed this well-meaning thread with Teetering Rocks)

That dogleg is super brutal. Can’t cut it unless you want to pay for a window or two.

Sounds like we might have a big contingent for a NLU KC meetup.

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