Roll Call: KC Area

Picking up a Scotty next month but want to switch out grips. I assume for that Golf Galaxy is the simplest bet?

Probably. I dropped in and asked how long for one club and he said bring it in! Was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

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As long as I am in KC, Golf MD will be my club builder. I tried GG, and Edwin Watts both, even had a guy who worked at both and tried to go it alone when he set up shop in the back of HOA’s clubhouse.

All roads lead back to The Golf Doctor.

There. I said it.


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Our oldest son, Warren, is a freshman at Lee’s Summit High School and made the golf team this year. They’re currently holding a fundraiser to help cover the costs of balls, uniforms, travel etc. If you’d like to donate, the link is:

#cheers #crackon

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1 week ago I took this picture of zoysia starting to wake up and got excited. it’s spring break this week, but temps are freezing. not good.

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Would’ve been sweet to have green fairways before the end of March. Typically, I just resign myself to knowing fairways won’t be green (unless bent) until mid-April or May.

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Have a trip lined up this weekend for Smithville with some college friends. Forecast Fri-Sat was in the high 40’s-right at 50 up until yesterday… Looking mega not good

It’s popping green all over at LCC. Little rain and some warm temps really did a number on it.

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I have 3 spots open for a 7:48 tee time Thursday at OP North/South any one want to walk 18 it’s suppose to push 60 and not rain until late afternoon and we will be done in time for the first March madness games to tip?

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I’m curious as to what some other people’s thoughts about ball bifurcation are #OnHere. Personally, I don’t understand the opposition to bifurcating from the amateur perspective. Who cares what regulations the pros have, all I want is an entertaining product, which I feel like is watching them play the old and cool courses how they are supposed to be played. What am I missing here?

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Did you decide not to brave the distance debate thread? I don’t blame you, it’s a bit of a cesspool.

The healthiest opinion I think I personally can have is “just put a set of rules in front of me and I’ll play to it”. That gets annoying if these new rules are implemented in, for example, the KC Match Play or the Kansas Mid-Am series but not in the Falcon Wealth Advisors Tour. Then, I would have to switch between two different golf balls, know yardages for two different balls, decide when and where to practice with what ball, and make sure I have enough of whatever golf ball for whatever round I play.

If it truly is only the PGA tour and US Amateur that use the MLR, I won’t be affected and will play the long ball. But I feel like there’s local comps that will want to use the MLR ball if it gets implemented. We will see…


Played in SLAT the last couple years. Definitely very fun, and happy the keep the Player division (I believe anyone 5.0 or above) tees to ~6300 yards on average. Also will echo the pace of play concerns, but the people are nice and I find it’s a nice balance between chill and serious/competitive. Already signed up through Swope (except for Creekmoor), and will register for the rest hopefully in the next month. Afaik, you should still be able to register for most if not all of the events as of now.


Btw, apologies for the double-post, but wanted to introduce myself to the KC folks! Long time NLU listener/watcher, joined the Nest last year, but haven’t really posted in the Refuge much. I live and work in Lawrence now, but grew up in Salina and spent a couple years in Olathe. Pretty much all of my friends don’t play golf lol, so I mostly just play in CLG events and the odd walking single round here and there. I’d definitely be interested in getting more involved in KC-area events this year!


If you are looking for some events to play in check out:

GPGC is the KC/IA/NE NLU roost. We’ve got a number of events on the calendar already and our first one is next weekend at Fred Arbanas. Plenty of spots still available. There are threads on the refuge for each event with more details, or just holler in here and someone with an answer will see it.

Hope to see you around!