Roll Call: KC Area

Anyone want to get after an evening round tomorrow or Thursday? Or an early afternoon round on friday?

What do you have in mind?! I can probably make Thursday work

Guis, me and Vince are playing at heritage park at like 530. Come join us @Howitzer @ActionThomson

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Let me double check my schedule in the morning and I’ll let you know for sure, but pencil me in!

I’ll call heritage in the morning and see if I can turn it into a foursome.


I’m in babay

If anyone is looking for a midweek round I’m open on Wednesday.

What time are you thinking? I can be flexible with early morning or later afternoon.

Preferably morning.

For any GPGC’ers who don’t get notified on new threads, there are new details posted here: about the upcoming GPGC season. Check it out!


Also just formally announced Our September event up at Mozingo Lake!

I have an open tee time at 7:10 Saturday morning up at Shoal Creek if anyone here is interested. Original group of 12 is down to 8 so if any of you want to join just let me know. Will probably get some kind of game going amongst the group I imagine.

Would like to try to get it sorted out in the next day or two if possible.

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Shout out to anyone that can’t see the GPGC Roost threads and still wanna be added, I’ll be adding a buncha folks soon, so lemme know if yer tired of looking in from the out door!