Roll Call: KC Area

Do we have a fancy name for our fall series? Do we accrue points for next year or just trophies?

OT: I found this to be interesting. Is it fiction? It has to be. Very Sidd Finch.

Intriguing, to say the least. Very enjoyable read. It is fiction, however:


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Not being a Kansas native or very intelligent about the state I didn’t know if all those were made up places/names etc.

Good read though

Shoal price hike has been a bummer. I still go to the range there regularly but $74 is steeeeeep.

They haven’t decreased prices despite the re-sodding? That’s not cool.


I love Shoal deeply but it’s not worth anything over $60.

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I am proposing this as a @GreatPlainsGC event. We should be talking about it over there…

This is what I’m talking about! I can coordinate as well, we should get our capitain’s sign off… paging @tnord


of course!

my read is that you’re looking for a 36 hole day at swope and hillcrest at the end of October with lunch in between? there’s only 10.5hrs daylight according to Sunrise and sunset times in Kansas City, October 2022
and some pretty dicey temps at the start and end of the day.

But yeah, if you guys want to do it of course I support that. Or are you looking for some more structure and an “official” event?


I wanna say people are suggesting we (perhaps) make this an annual GPGC fall event.


Listened to the June Nest Pod this morning and @sundaybag was saying there’s some renovation plans out at Swope. What an unbelievably great idea that’s never been mentioned in this thread before.

Was googling stuff and wasn’t able to find any details on this. Anyone know anything more?

Anyone recommendations for lessons (place/instructor) that won’t break the bank? I did some at Swope last year and the pro tried to start over with my swing, which isn’t necessary. Really just need some work on club face and path.

The first lessons I ever received (roughly 8 years ago) was from Chris Cone at Martin City Golf (formerly Robin Nigros.) The facility is a dump but he’s great. Very simple and won’t try to rebuild your swing. He’s got a calm, laid back demeanor. His brother is former MLB pitcher, David Cone, so he’s got some cool baseball stories. I haven’t seen him in years but I’d recommend him for sure.

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I always see people talking about John Nahm on here but your “won’t break the bank” comment might disqualify him. I see Peter Yadrich out at Sunflower hills and really like the work I’ve done with him the last few years. He charges $50/half hour lesson and I don’t know that you can find cheaper than that in the area anymore.

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That’s what I was paying at Swope so that’s ideally what I’m looking for. Could do $100/half hour for the right person.

not sure what their pricing looks like these days and it’s membership based, but these guys are worth a look.

they work with Chase Hanna, who is 35th in the Euro Tour rankings right now.


Had a good call with their guys today. Believe their main coach charges $130/hour which, given their technology and approach, feels infinitely better than $50/half hour from somewhere like Shoal.

Do you have to pay to be a member of the Golf Stable?

Not from what I could gather. But might depend on the person, their location, and what all they’re interested in. Since I’m up north they don’t expect me in there 2-3 times a week for fitness, nor do I want to with the Peloton membership I’m already shelling out. He did mention they stream all their fitness stuff for a nominal rate, which seems like a solid offering if ever desired.

All-in-all, nothing felt pushy or overly sales-y. Seems like they believe in the product.

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I haven’t been out to Hillcrest yet this year. Anyone want to join on Saturday afternoon? I snagged the 2:34 tee time for 4.The tee sheet is still pretty open if another time works better.