Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


In process of designing a backyard wedge range/course. Would love the communities input on how to make it the most fun 3-acres possible.

Was thinking about creating a 10-hole course with two flags on the green for variety - will share my ideas at the bottom. Having never done this before, very open to hearing any ideas on the design, concept, or simply what would make it most fun. Keep in mind, we have a tree company coming out this weekend to knock down a ton of trees (tree groupings being chopped circled in red) - this is deep in the sticks, so we can let the chainsaw fly all day.

Here is the property with estimated elevation changes:

Here are my thoughts on the “routing”:

Here are my thoughts on the green complex (keep in mind we wont be able to truly putt on this green):

If anyone is interested, here is a blank of the property:

Blank of the green area:

Fellow NLU golfers in Wichita, KS area?

From the look of the picture, I am guessing the green is on the southern end of the property, right? Just want to make sure because you don’t want to stare at a setting sun from every tee box.


Correct - green area is on the southern side of the property. Fairly dramatic elevation change on the other side of the road as well (not my property).


Why not use a turf green so you can actually putt on the surface? Would make it a bit easier to maintain, too.


Dinero my friend. Also not convinced I want to commit long term to a green shape - maybe next year I would like to try something different.


Is that a public street behind the green? Want to be sure you’re shots that go over the green, don’t go into the street and into whatever is on the other side of it, especially if that’s not your property.

I’m pretty jealous. Here I was, getting all happy for buying a house where I can hit 5 yard pitch shots in the backyard.


Yes it is a public street. This property is out there - people ride 4-wheelers and such down the road. You can see and hear any oncoming traffic - maybe a car an hour. The neighbors across the road are old family friends, so snagging a ball in their yard is no big deal. It’s all but impossible to hit their house.

Behind the green area is a significant slope and 7-10 yards for protection. Not the best case scenario, but the only 100+ yard shot on the property.


no water feature? :thinking:


May need to dig the creek out in front of the green and add a nice fountain.


It looks like you have a nice variety of angles to attack the green from. I recommend shaping the green like #2 at Augusta, with an open approach short middle, a narrow back right section guarded by a bunker and a narrow back left section guarded by a bunker. One ‘hole’ could be to a back left pin and the other ‘hole’ could be the back right pin (Sunday pin). That way no matter what teeing ground you play from, you have a tough angle to get to and one easy angle.


Something like this?


Do like the idea. Was thinking some church pews on the short left side of the green to catch balls going into the creek. @thefriedegg had me thinking that layering hazards was a bad idea. May have to reconsider.


Tommy Raynor is weeping :cry:


Yea exactly! The one bunker near the creek is probably enough to catch balls. Putting in bunkers is a lot of work so make as few of them as possible but still have enough to hit the shots you want.


May be getting a little bunker heavy here but love the Oakmont/Augusta collision:



Completely off topic but WHO IS TOMMY RAYNOR? I want to know the man behind the account. I secretly think it is @thefriedegg’s burner account so his head doesn’t explode. An NLU deep dive akin to their coverage of La Maquina may be required


lol, I honestly thought it was a ZB burner account


maybe a combo?


17 comments in and no one has yet brought up the site of the beer cart / fridge. You’re slacking people.


I thought it was understood that each tee box came with a fridge. :thinking:


This is confirmed. Cooler at the least.