Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

Any of the 3 are all about the same, they all share the same clubhouse/driving range. Always fairly good conditions since they are state owned.

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There’s also the Dunes course which is 9 hole walking only Donald Ross course, which I haven’t played but heard its also decent.

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If you’re so inclined - I played Sanctuary Golf Club in Waverly last Thursday which was a lot of fun.


I see from an earlier post that it might be possible to get a day pass at Sweetens if it is during the week. Anyone have luck with that or any other suggestions? I will be playing Sewanee the last week of May and was wondering about Sweetens. Passing through while driving cross country and hoping to play a few rounds on the way.

Your best bet is to check the website regularly. There can be cancellations and spots open up. Also check out the sweetens thread on here. There could be some guys who are there that day.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to message the Sweetens Instagram and let them know your situation as well. Its probably a slim chance but if its during the week you might have a shot. They’ll probably ask you to reach out closer to the date or the actual day before.

Thanks for that. I just looked at their website and see 38 spots available for May 11. Not when I can make it, maybe it is an error. Just wanted to let you know in case that date works for you are others.

Similarly, might not work for you but I saw a lot of availability towards the end of December. Course is a lot of fun when its dormant.

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Anyone have a hookup for a good course in/around Nashville? Up there this Sunday with a buddy

@leftysauce and the HCC can probably help you out.

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We’re a little shy on private connections around Nashville proper, but one of our guys has a tee time for Sunday morning at Harpeth Hills, which is the best muni Nashville has. If you’re willing/able to travel a little outside of town, we can probably hook you up at Tennessee Grasslands or for sure at The Legacy

Should be ok. We are coming up from Alabama. So if there is anything a touch south on the way.

I’ve got 2 extra passes for Sweeten’s this coming Sunday the 14th. Feel free to reach out if you’d like one. I’ll also be putting this up in the BTS discord.

New member and new GA resident, reporting for duty.


Welcome! Feel free to jump in our discord. Most of our communication happens there. What part of Ga?

Greensboro/Reynolds area, moving this week!


Wrapped up @HighCottonClub event at Sewanee, and I’m ready for another take

Okay…. so if you take each hole, hole by hole, Sewanee is a better course than Sweetens. It may not be as fun to have to hit a ton of proper ass golf shots, but it will test you in a fun way, whereas Sweetens is just a vibe where you can bomb, gouge, and hit wedges all day.

And it’s worth noting, Sewanee was super accommodating of us doing our thing today, great vibes although we got stuck with walking only.


Drop it in the sweetens thread! (I don’t disagree)

I second this and I’m a huge Sweetens fan!

Absolutely loved the golf course and the event/ vibe across the board at this one.

My only regret was not doing damage in the pro-shop early enough. They closed before we finished and I missed my opportunity!

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I might get kicked out of the HCC for this haha, but I don’t understand how you can have that critique of Sweetens and also love Park Mammoth. Too many of the holes at PM let you blast driver anywhere you want. They need a little more thought off the tee on some of the holes (1, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15). Some of the holes do a good job with the angles and being rewarded for taking on OB/hazard, but those holes listed don’t do much of that outside of maybe 13.

For the record, I enjoy both but just feels unfair to praise one and critique the other.