Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers


Hey all - new to the forum, obviously I should’ve hit this up a long time ago … you know, like when this thread was still active. :man_shrugging:

Nonetheless, I live in Knoxville and am always looking for a game. I travel down to ATL and Chattanooga fairly frequently, so games at Sweetens and anything north/west of Atlanta are welcome.

Lemme know if you’re interested. I play off of scratch or so if that makes a difference.



Travelling to Chattanooga with some buddies to play Sweetens. What other courses should we look to play while we are there?


I would highly recommend going up to The Course at Suwannee it was renovated by Gil Hanse in 2013. Great 9 hole track only 30 min from Sweetens.


I am a Chattanoogan. Let me know if you ever want to get a game together.


May be in the area next week. Possibly up for a game if you’re available!


In Metro Atlanta but have some friends in Chattanooga and looking to plan a trip to sweetens soon.


If you are willing to go a little outside of town, I would give Greystone in Dickson a shot. Best bang for your buck, but is about 45 minutes from downtown. Hermitage courses are good, but pricey, same with Gaylord Springs. Nashville does not have great public golf unfortunately.


Moving to Chattanooga on Feb. 1 and looking for some guys to get a regular weekend game with me and maybe play a few 9 holers during the week!


Let me know once you get here and we can pick a place to play.


Sounds good!


Second all of this; Greystone is best private/public option. If it were closer to downtown I would join; still not a bad rate for the quality of course vis a vi muni options in Metro/Davidson County. Hermitage courses are okay - they are investing in them heavily; but another comment above couldn’t be more true. They run along the river and play very hot and wet in the very hot/wet summers here. Usually in nice condition, however. Every fourth round is free, but greens fees creeping towards $100/round.

I play the Gaylord Springs course a bit; not bad, some interesting holes, nice facility and miles better than city courses for not much more cost.

Greystone is easily best bet. Play a regular game there and really like it


I’ve been in Franklin for over 3 years now and have yet to make it over to Greystone. Hope to check it out this year!

Agreed on Hermitage. While some golf is better than no golf, the greens were in horrible shape when we played them last fall.


I am thinking about joining a club in Chattanooga, does anyone know who has the youngest membership here? I’m interested in Lookout Mtn. and Black Creek. I am 26 and would love to play with people semi-close to my age.


I’m here, lets get a round in soon! PM me.


love that place


Regardless of age, Lookout. That place is sick!


I know man, waiting to hear back from the membership director after I submitted my request this morning. Definitely my preferred landing spot because of the history, but I haven’t played there and I don’t know what the fees look like.


New ATL resident here. Been out to Echelon a couple times and always up to journey around and play.


Lookout is a great track, but it can definitely get you. My high school golf team practiced there, and it took me my first two years to learn how to play the course. A couple gimmicky holes that can be frustrating where you just have to say “hit it at that tree and pray it doesn’t fall off the mountain.” Also, every single green on the course breaks towards one hole (#2) except for two of the holes. It’s a lot of fun for just playing around, but trying to score well is not an easy feat. My best round there was a 68 and it was probably the best round of my entire life.


To add to that, I was a member at Black Creek for seven years and is basically where I learned to play growing up. As far as age goes, that will probably be your better bet thank Lookout, which consists of quite a few older guys who drive their carts right up to the greens and don’t really get a crap about anyone else out there. Love the place to death, but the members at Black Creek are great. Black Creek is also a great track that is just super pure. The NLU guys can vouch for that as I know they’ve played it before, but it’s just a great lay out. Front side is a cool little neighborhood course feel, while the back takes you up onto the mountain and gives some awesome views and great holes. Honestly can’t go wrong either place, both awesome courses with great aspects either way.
As a side note, CGCC down in riverview definitely draws the youngest crowd but can be a little snooty from time to time (worked there for two summers as a cart guy) and the fees are ridiculously expensive. The money just got passed down from the older folks to the younger ones, so now the club has kind of revamped in members age, so definitely the spot for games. They would have dog fights and evening games just about every other day. Hope this helps!