Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

Checking in from Nashville. Some quality daily fee courses in the Mid State. Really like Greystone.


Played twice. Vaping both times (8:30am both times). Definitely yes to spirit animal. Dude could talk golf forever, we almost forgot to go play the mecca grounds we were standing on.


Live in Nashville. I probably go to sweetens about 20 times a year. Place is holy ground. Patrick is the man and that place is gonna miss him. He made my wedges and they are a sight to behold.

Unfortunately IMO the Nashville area has bad golf. Harpeth hills is a good track but unless your grabbing nine at the end of the day get ready for a 6 hour round. Golf club is good but lacks a lot of fundamental architecture.

The course at Sewanee by Gil Hanse is a really fun track. Got some cool quirkiness to it.


If you’re looking for cool fun then I’d suggest Shelby. It’s in a cool part of town, east nashville, and is actually an old donald ross. It has changed a lot over the years but you can still feel a little bit of the old ross on the tee shots and some approaches. Plus, to walk 18 is probably 12 bucks. It is pretty hilly though.

Harpeth Hills is a good public course and a good test. Weekends are gonna be packed though.

I like a state park course a little outside of town. Montgomery Bell golf course. It’s a fun course that is cheap and very pretty.

Don’t waste your time at the Hermitage courses. Way overpriced and they don’t drain so it will be a lift, clean and cheat day.

Nashboro has some fun holes. Don’t know if you like to walk but this would be a tougher option due to the 9th and 10th holes being a mile apart.


Is Patrick leaving Sweetens Cove?

Last I heard is that he’s heading back out west to Oregon. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna stay through the spring. He is one of the great parts of Sweetens Cove. The dude loves sweetens and it shows.

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Damn, if true, that’s a shame. A place like Sweetens needs someone like Patrick there. Makes me want to drive down soon.

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Used to live in Chatt. The Farm and The Honors are still two of my all time favourites.

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Atlanta resident here. Wish ATL had more accessible (cheap club/ or muni) intown courses. Bobby Jones getting a driving range and short game area is exciting. Jury still out on the reversible 9 but I am hopeful.

The layout for the new 9 looks awesome. I’m pumped about it.

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Grew up in Nashville. My pops is a member at Old Hickory Country Club, NE of Nashville. While I can’t afford a membership on a teachers salary, I’ve been bumming off dad for years. Really impressive track with the improvements they have made. Hosted a qualifier there (the actual tournament was at Nashville Golf). Best greens in Nashville in my opinion with Brentwood CC a close second - though I haven’t played there in 3-4 years.

As far as public courses in Nashville, McCabe was a staple of my high school golf years. Presidents Reserve at Hermitage Golf course is decent, but not worth the money in my opinion. Just not a lot of great courses that aren’t a decent drive from the city… Thoughts other Nashvillians?

Born and raised in Nashville as well and actually used to work out at Old Hickory Country Club in high school. OHCC is a great course. Greens are always in great condition and the new bunkering is awesome. Really reasonably priced as far as CCs go in Nashville. The Hermitage courses are good, not great. Harpeth Hills and McCabe are my go to courses for after work. Gotta love the munis. We travel down to Sweetens quite a bit. Well worth the hour drive down.

Anyone in the north Atlanta (Roswell/Alpharetta) area have recommendations on decent affordable course? I have the itch to play and pass courses left and right… that don’t have public access.

Really, most important question for anyone within an hour of there.

ATLien here. Always down for game as well. I want to hit up The Frog heard it was awesome.

New Refuge member/ATL NLUer/Tour Sauce enthusiast. Member at St Ives; also have anytime access to River Club (amazing track)

Always looking for a game/I need to learn wolf hammer

Nashville resident here. In season, I’m usually at Harpeth Hills once a week but that’s mostly due to convenience from my office. It’s a solid muni but could definitely use some updating here and there. I’m down with both Hermitage courses and Gaylord Springs as well, just not as convenient traveling from the south side of town. Further out I like Greystone, they host state am’s from time to time, solid track. All in all I agree that most pubic courses in Nashville are somewhat behind the times architecturally speaking. I would love to see something like a Sweetens Cove built in town or see an existing course redesigned to those standards. To that end, I can’t wait to get down to Sweetens this spring, will be a first timer but I’ve heard great things!

Looking forward to this thread and if anyone is ever in search of a mid-week game in the Ville reach out!

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One of my favorite spots is Stonebridge Golf Club in Rome. A little bit north of where you’re looking, but awesome course that’s in great shape and pretty affordable. Really cool layout and a ton of fun, wish I could get out there more often.

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Tennessee here

Fellow Chattanoogan here. Really trying to find some games around the area. Let me know.

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