Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

I stay engaged on every tee shot at PM because not only because it’s important to have the proper angle into the green, but good tee shots can more rewarded with shorter clubs whereas it’s almost always gonna be a shorter club at Sweetens. Plus, it’s 18 different tee shots vs just 9, just keeps me more engaged throughout the day


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Just joined. Nashville here. Always looking for new people to tee it up with.

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Reach out if you’d like to join the local roost!

Tagging along with my wife to her work trip in Augusta next week. Any recs on where to play?

Booked in as a single at Forest Hills on Wednesday 6/14 at 920am if anyone is interested in teeing it up with an out of towner!

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How was it? It had been closed for a while for the greens to grow in

The pro shop actually called me the day before to let me know the greens had just been aerated. Didn’t get to play. Hope to make it back someday soon.

Hello all, anyone know the walkability of Cobblestone Golf Course in Acworth? Headed there Friday with a group. Thanks in advance.

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Very walkable. @jan42dk is the resident expert there.

Two holes 12 green to 13 tee and 16 green to 17 tee got a hill you will feel but I walk it every time I play it.

Thank you and @GeneralQuinn that is great news. Appreciate the assist.

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Have a group going down to Sweetens in a few weeks. Have a free day the day before, course recs for Feb near Chattanooga?

You into a good Muni?


I’ll second Brainerd for a very fun muni. Harrison Bay is good. I would recommend driving up to Sewanee if you have the time / desire to. It’s definitely my favorite of the public options within a 1 hour radius of Chatt.


Sewanee might be better than Sweetens, some have said :eyes:


Does anyone have a feel for how open they will be the Monday of masters week? Thinking of driving down from Atlanta before heading over to Augusta for a practice round. Thanks for any thoughts!

I would think the fields would not be an issue the Monday of masters week, it’s on the opposite side of the state.

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That’s alot of driving if you fly into atlanta. about equal distance to Augusta in the opposite direction. The Fields, UGA, jump in the ATL roll call as some guys would be glad to host at good clubs as well.

but @leftysauce probably knows better than most whats going on at Sewanee that week.

believe you’re asking about the fields…

the masters would have zero bearing on their operation. my guess is it will look like a normal monday out there - pretty empty.

that said. would be curious about you specific logistics… arriving in atlanta, driving to lagrange, playing a round, then hauling across the state to Augusta would be quite the day.