Roll Call - GB & IRE

But….you have Royston. Always dry there. Might need climbing equipment.

Gog Magog…and then it does become a struggle in Cambridge.

Welcome in. I’m sure @Jon will be here soon to get you involved in the Roost and the many active WhatsApp chats!

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I have played Royston a couple times - had a friend of a friend who was a member but he since moved away. It was pretty good fun, what a weird golf course!

And yeah, I’m a member at Gog Magog, as it’s basically the only option - but conditioning can be lacking sometimes.

Welcome Greg! As you’ll soon find out, there’s a big community of us here and lots of good golf to play. I’m based up North and play at Wallasey if you’re ever this way…Phil

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Hi all,

Ive been listening and watching NLU pods and vids for a good for years now and joined the refuge 3 years ago but never got fully involved but feel now is a good time now im starting to play more golf!

Im in Nottingham and mainly play at Oakmere and Mapperley off an unofficial 18 handicap.

Quick, are there many here who have joined the nest? and if so, would you say its worth it for someone from the UK? (Do we get the yearly gift and discount?)


Hey….there are quite a few UK folks here, though our nonsense is usually reserved for WhatsApp. Some of us frequent here and post occasionally.

We get all the same benefits; yearly gift, pro shop discount, seperate podcast etc.

For me, it’s well worth the $90 for supporting projects like Strapped etc which I consume a huge amount of


Thanks for replying. Yes thats what i was thinking as well, i watch and listen to so much content that id be happy to support them with a nest membership


Did we get @Strum88 in to the roost yet?

No not in yet but would love to join :slight_smile:

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place, but I am near Liverpool for the next couple days and was thinking about heading to an Open practice round. Has anyone been before and can confirm whether or not that is worth it? Would be Monday and/or Tuesday if that makes a difference

Haven’t been to an Open practice round but went to one for the US Open and it was so chill. Watching players drop an extra ball and try a different shot, chat with fans, etc. I’d do it for sure. Monday might be sparse but should be a lot of guys out on Tuesday I’d wager.

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I went to the Monday practice round at Portrush and I really enjoyed it. Everything is a bit more laid back which is nice. Only problem potentially is that you may miss some of the players that you want to see.

Not 100% sure, but I think the tee times do get posted somewhere. May be worth looking into.

This seems like the place to introduce myself.

Some of you in the RACDG Europe group might know me already but I’m a member at Archerfield Links, Cruden Bay and The St Andrews Golf Club.

I work in golf but the season is starting to settle down to just madcap levels so more time to chat and play has me finally taking the plunge to join The Nest.


Anyone down South in the UK? Based down in Brighton and always up for a game.

Also travelling around Cork, Kerry and Clare in Ireland at the back half of August with the clubs in the car! Already booked in for Lahinch for the 31st with a spot open if anyone is in the vicinity


There’s a few in the RACDG.

@The_Cad_Says - can you pick this up, I’ve had a stupidly long day. (Southern based)

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Hello Lads! This may be a bit of a long shot although I’ve had luck with this before, so here it goes; I am spending sometime in London with family this week and have decided to take a road trip to the coast of Kent next week to play a few rounds of golf, Walmer & Kingsdown, Princes, and RCP. Rather than hire clubs for three rounds, would any of you gentlemen in the London area or anywhere east of there have an extra set of right handed clubs that you might consider loaning me? Any of the lads in the RACDG NorCal will give me a positive reference :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Not sure I am the best guy to vouch for someone but Dylan absolutely rocks. Loan him some clubs AND try to play a round with him!

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A very generous gentleman has not only extended the use of a set of clubs but also invited me to play Littlestone as his guest. Thanks for the vouch @greebs !


Will be traveling to the Norfolk/Suffolk area for about a week starting 11/2. Won’t have a ton of time for golf but I want to try and sneak in some. Looking for recommendations of course to get out to. Skimming through the thread and the rest of the site came up with this list:

Royal West Norfolk
Royal Cromer
Royal Worlington and Newmarket
Gog Magog

Still haven’t picked where I will be staying but I have some flexibility that I can used to shade the hotel closer to golf.

Looking for recommendations from the list or others that I missed. Just looking for a good experience and reasonable prices.


Pretty much nailed it from there tbh. Could possibly add Thetford to the list, but it’s not quite in the same level, but is always dry AF. Really depends how wet the end of October/beginning of November goes weather-wise.

You could add Woodbridge and Purdis Heath (Ipswich Golf Club) but it depends on where you are staying really

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Undecided on where I am going to stay, but right now I am leaning towards King’s Lynn. Open to recommendations of good places to stay if there are any recommendations