Roll Call - GB & IRE

Hey all. I’ll be at Royal County Down on Sunday August 6. We had five tee times, four at 3:50 and one at 4:00 playing as a single.

One guy has backed out so we’ll just keep the four-ball but I can’t cancel the single tee time without being billed full price.

Would anyone want this? It’s 325EU and RCD is sold out for August completely for visitors (which makes it a bit lame they won’t refund it at all, but that’s the policy we paid for this with, so there you go).

My friend will simply eat the cost, and that’s on him, but if we can find someone to sell it to, that would be even better.


Hi everyone,

I have been living in East London for a couple of months now trying to figure out the golf scene. I am a decent golfer, been playing for more than 20 years. The last 5 years I played in South America and the previous 5 years in the Bay Area in California.

I’ve been following NLU since the very beginning. Anyone willing to help out? I’ll get you a beer. I also read there is a Whatsapp group?? I need to connect after this never ending winter!


Update: the tee time at RCD has been claimed (by an RACDG Ireland member who I am not sure is on the Refuge.)


A Gail’s Bakery is hilarious. And true. Their hot chocolate is next fucking level.

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Hi everyone, new member to the Nest, American transplant living north side of Dublin (Donabate) for the last 4 years. It’d be great to get connected to others around the island.


That’s @The_Cad_Says music…

Can we get the Prof here invited to RACDG Ireland please?

On it…

Good Evening, friends. I have a tee time at Royal Belfast on June 6 at 08:40 AM.

Disappointingly, I am now going to be unable to make the tee time. There are no refunds, but I can transfer the Tee Time to a friend/family/acquaintance.

Anyone interested?

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All - I have an extra spot in a fourball at Tralee in August, Tuesday the 22nd at 10:15. They won’t refund us but if someone would like to play with us and take the tee time that would be great. Please let me know if you’re interested.

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