Roll Call - GB & IRE


Ah, the homeland. I grew up in the Perigord! And partly La Rochelle. Bugger all in the way of golf though. Unless you’re in Biarritz.


Just signed up

Scotsman living in Co Donegal, Ireland

Member at Ballyliffin


Northern Ireland here. Just outside Belfast playing at Clandeboye Golf club


Afternoon @coffey & @stevo1885

Welcome to the madhouse!


I’m from Kent. Long-time NLU reader and listener but only found this forum thanks to the Fauxlex.


Not entirely appropriate on this thread but do any of the RACDG members in GB&I want to commit to our spring meet at Alwoodley & Moortown on 14th April?

I’ve asked here as not everyone is in the WhatsApp group.

(BTW, newbies are welcome too, in case you’ve no idea what I’m in about! There’s a thread elsewhere on The Refuge to explain)


I’d be interested in the spring meet.


Hi new here like the podcasts, the Scottish trip on yt has been great also

I’m from West Sussex and a member at Goodwood


Love Goodwood. I used to even like the second course (forgot the name).


Park Course


Great buggies


That’s right! The buggies. I’d forgotten about the little 50’s car things. They’re so fun.

Hey, that could be worth a new thread…cool buggies.


But of course, we never ride carts… wouldn’t be very British of us


But the Yankee Doodle Dandies might have some cool ones…

I love a silly cart.


I’m at Goodwood too.

Been a refugee for a while, but rarely feel like I have anything useful to add…


I’m feeling a wee outing to Goodwood coming on…


Would be good I could organise something - buggies look good but I’m not a fan of using them - Downs is a long walk though about a 7 mile walk with fantastic views over the Solent and the isle of white


Genuinely up for that. There are a bunch of us in the SE around The Smoke so could be a fun little day out. With two of you as members I’m assuming we could do an 8 ball (3 guests each)?


Good plan, and yes, 3 guests each wouldn’t be a problem.

Let’s fire some dates round and get something in.


If there is a more beautiful drive than London to Goodwood I’ve never seen it. Thats a LOVELY part of the world.