Roll Call - GB & IRE


Hi there…I joined two years ago when I got back into golf. I’m really happy there, very good members club and a properly testing course. I played last weekend with some of the old boys (two of whom have been there for 50 years), they said this was the best condition the course has ever been in. There’s a very young and progressive management team, that and the conditioning has attracted a bunch of very good young new members in the last couple of years…scratch county champs, highest handicap in the team is 1 now I think.

How are you enjoying Centurion? Top notch conditioning there too I’m told.


I was really impressed with the manager (David Jackson I think?) and his outlook on the club and golf… great place to be a member it seems, and thats a seriously high standard for the scratch team…! I was asked to play for the scratch team at my old club and I play off 9… talk about making up the numbers.

Centurion is looking fantastic at the moment, recovered well from the summer. Really happy there too… no stuffiness and a great bunch of members. Welcome anytime :+1:


Yes I’m 8, that doesn’t even get you in the scratch B team anymore.

How about we do a Hadley Wood, Centurion, Essendon round robin with @The_Cad_Says


Totally down for that!


@mcboo what are your thoughts about my golf society plan? You in?




I’m in


Maybe another option on the 14th July?

One of the best inland courses in the UK and certainly the best value. Ranked 78 in the world and just finishing a Tom Doak restoration.

£50 a head with an extra £40 to play the “2nd” course the following day.


One from the East of England here, Thetford my home track.

Good to see Hadley Wood mentioned…love that place. Never played well around there, but would love to play it every weekend.


I actually played Woodhall in April this year and loved it. I’m personally keen to try somewhere else and WS is a proper ballache to get to, especially for anyone from Scotland or the SW. But I’m pretty easy to the group opinion. If everyone would prefer WS we’ll go there. :slight_smile:


I am in Glasgow and just joined at East Renfrewshire GC in August. A great James Braid Moorland design with the layout pretty much unchanged since 1922 (save for a few hundred trees that the club are working on).

Have had a few years break from golf due to work & kids, but hoping work pressures will relieve slightly next year and I will be taking advantage of light summer evenings to play and maybe every other weekend.

Took up Golf in 2011 from pretty much a novice and got down to 17 h’cap at end of 2014 season. Would really love to try and get back to that kind of level in 2019 and will need to be very dedicated around practice and .

Would love to get involved with the Dishonourable Society thread, but am pretty sure the wife will veto a multiple day golf break with guys I don’t even know.


Don’t worry, I started the bloody thing, we have over 130 members around the world and I still haven’t told my wife!

Luckily she’s used to my shenanigans.


North East Scotland here, member at Fraserburgh GC


I’m playing Fraserburgh for the first time next April (along with Cruden, Murcar and Trump)… massively looking forward to it.


Hi, just joined the forum. Golf addict from Wales.


What part of Wales Gordon?


Hi, South Wales, I am a member at Bargoed golf club, a beautiful parkland course.


I’ll jump into the UK one here as I’m often over in the UK with my clubs. Based in France but have an overseas membership at Deal. Used to play my golf west of London at North Hants but moved abroad 20 years ago.

Miss the golf in the UK :cry:



I’m just north of London so happy to host you at mine any time you’re in town and free.

Where in France are you? With a name like Mistral I’m assuming Provence / Cote d’Azure area?


Sadly I’m in South West France, not the South East but I appreciate your offer to host.