Roll Call - GB & IRE

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out! I play at the manor house.

I’ll DM you and we can get out and play a round

Recently moved to London (Chelsea / Fulham area) from NYC. Have been here around 4 months or so and my wife and I are loving it. Relatively new to golf but very much enjoying the process.

Would love to join the Whats App group. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.



@The_Cad_Says , @JBirkby come get our man.


Waaaay ahead of you

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Non-golf related question for my GB friends. Thinking of taking my wife and son to London (daughter is off at college, so she’s out of luck) and looking for a central London hotel recommendation. I’ve only stayed in Oxford and by Heathrow. Have wandered around London several times but haven’t had any hotel experience. My wife and son have never been there. Any thoughts?

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Being a Londoner I rarely stay in the Hotels in town. In summary:

For old-school swanky glam - Claridges. Actually, any of the five-star hotels in Mayfair will be pretty good.

For hipster/ too school for school vibes - the Treehouse in Marylebone, The Standard in Kings Cross, Mama Shelter (the one in Paris is fantastic) and any others in Shoreditch.

In terms of areas, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Belgravia and Mayfair are all nice areas with lots of independent shops and really good hotels. Towards the city and east of the city is where all the cool kids hang out - although I suspect they’re all in Peckham by now and the choices reflect the area.


What is it you want from the hotel? Just easy access to sites? Somewhere cool? And what kind of budget are we talking?

I stick actors in hotels all the time so have a pretty wide knowledge of London spots. Just need a bit more info to narrow it down. :joy:

Looking mostly for easy access to sites. As far as budget, nice but not The Ritz or Savoy…maybe 200-300/night. Was looking at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge or similar.

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I always recommend places around Holborn. Mid way between Soho/ Covent Garden and The City/ St Pauls. Lots of great restaurants nearby and easy transport links. Somewhere like Rosewood (£££££) or The Hoxton (cool).

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For his budget maybe somewhere like the Malmaison in Smithfield/Farringdon. The new Elizabeth line is right there as is the Hammersmith and City, loads of great bars (Oriole, Piano), pubs (the Fox and Anchor, Red Cow) and restaurants like Cafe Du Marche. St Paul’s is a stone’s throw away.

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Funnily enough I was going to suggest the Park Plaza Westminster! I’ve stuck a lot of actors in there and it’s great for sightseeing. They have another hotel round the corner on Hercules Road which is okay as well and usually a bit cheaper.

The Strand Palace opposite the Savoy is alright, as is the Waldorf on Aldwych if you have membership at the Hilton. Similarly the Marriott at Grosvenor House Hotel if you’re a member there is well located.

They redid the Claremont above Charing Cross station a couple of years ago and it’s okay. Really central.

The Sofitel on Pall Mall is worth a look. The Wellesley on Hyde Park Corner is a cheaper option next to the Lanesborough and new Peninsula. The Goring is a nice old school place by Victoria Station.

There’s a small hotel chain I like called Firmdale Hotel Group who have 4 or 5 hotels in central London that are all really nice. They’re very media arty twats like me but they’re well run with good food. The Soho Hotel and Covent Garden would be your best bet.

Another hotel you’d like us Sea Containers. It’s right on the river and is a pretty cool space. You get a lot of ad agency fuckers in there on Friday nights and they do a lot of ‘launches’, but they hotel rooms are lovely, especially if you get a river view.

Finally, the Tower Hotel is a bit 70’s corporate but it’s right next to Tower Bridge so you can’t get more sightseeing than that. St Katherine’s Dock is also full of bars and restaurants.

As the boys said, Shoreditch, Hackney, Old Street etc are where the cool kids hang out, but I’ve sorted accommodation for enough overseas visitors to know you want to be in the areas you recognise.

Hope that’s helpful.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions gents!

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Hey Nate, I live in Clapham so pretty much just down the road from you. If you ever want a round let me know!



Hi all, been following/listening to NLU for a long time but finally joined the nest today.

I live in South London and play a lot of golf. Be great to join the Whatsapp group if someone can add me in.


Hi all, based in the west of Scotland near Glasgow. First time poster and looking to get involved with the community in GB & Ire.



I’m sure @JBirkby or @Jon will be along soon to get you guis involved :+1:t2:

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Good Evening all,

Listened to podcast for years and finally joined The Nest.

Play my golf at Renfrew Golf Club next to Glasgow airport ( Course Record held by Adam Scott).

Looking to get involved in the GB&I community and help would be appreciated.



Doesn’t feel like a month ago that I booked all this. Been a whirlwind of work and such. I did finish Coyne’s book. I found it interesting to learn about some of the country’s history, but didn’t feel like I walked away from it knowing much more about the courses. He did seem to love European Club, but it is not on the way of my route, so may have to be a next time. I did end up booking St. Patrick’s for midday on Saturday to have in case. Haven’t booked the Friday at Carne as debating when to play. I believe Cliffs of Moher are between Lahinch and Carne, so not sure whether worth the detour or how long that would set me back. I suppose to do a midday time at Carne and try to push back if needed. Does anyone know the likelihood of being able to play the 9 holes that are not part of the 18 for that day? Would that be the kind of thing that I finish up and ask nicely to go back out that evening?

Tom, I can pencil you in for that Tuesday morning (23/5 I believe?)!

Next up, I need to organize housing. I am a pretty easy person with that (just really need a bed and a shower), so I typically use Airbnb - not sure if that is common there, or if just find some old school B&Bs like Coyne stayed in.


Check out the other Ireland thread for housing recommendations. There is a spreadsheet with crowd sourced recommendations that I used for my trip last year with success.

Lahinch to Carne is around 3-3.5 hours if I remember so just keep that in mind. Also, Cliffs of Moher are only 10-15 minutes from Lahinch. The guys are Carne are great - shouldn’t be a problem.

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We do have AirBnB, though, as Coyne did, the traditional B&B is probably the most varied route as there are fucking thousands of them!