Roll call Florida refugees

Hahah I’ve heard that place is littered with water. Staying on Anna Maria Island which is like 45 minutes away which might be too far I’m guessing

Yeah, obscene amount of water. Has been used as a US Open qualifying site. I’ve played it a couple of times, it’s fun despite the water.

Sorry I can’t help you out with a set, a bit too far out of the way I’m afraid

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cosigning this, balls, lots of balls.


If you can get on…

Camp Creek
Sharks Tooth
Burnt Pine

FWB Muni (shoutout Edwin Watts)
Windswept Dunes
Hidden Creek
Rocky Bayou

The golf course is meh. The amenities, practice facility, lodging, pace of play, clubhouse, etc. are all world. It’s nothing different than a discovery land company facility.

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South Florida is going to get a special treat when the West Palm Park opens. Put it on your must play in FL. I would say it is right behind Streamsong in public golf in Florida.



Going to be down in St Pete /Gulfport area next week, anyone have suggestions and/or want to meet up to play on Wed or Thursday?

Emerald Hills for $149, is this a decent price for the course? It looks close enough to the airport where I feel like I can sneak 18 in Saturday prior to my 6pm flight

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Maybe @P-Funk can provide some insight? Traditionally it’s one of the nicer daily fee options in the area, but I can’t speak to current conditions.

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That’s a decent price, it’s only about $30 cheaper for S FL locals. The more affordable options in that area this time of year really aren’t worth it, especially if you are playing solo.

I haven’t played it in a few months but they generally take good care of the place and it’s probably the best public option up in that area. Nice greens, good length (if you’re into that sort of thing) and a good mix of holes. Several tee boxes to chose from as well.

Too bad I’m playing with a few friends down here in Miami on Saturday, otherwise I would join you!

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Coming down to West Palm Beach from MN, April 11-15 visiting some family. Looking to get a couple rounds in (solo, no one I’m visiting plays golf). So far Palm Beach Par 3 is about the only thing I’ve seen come up consistently, anything else worth playing or want to meet up to play?

u gotta play palm beach national - best party in town. loud music on the toptracer range and free shots on many tee boxes from the rangers. bluetooth speakers in the carts.

Im in the area now originally from Wayzata, but going to ft myers for a member guest that week so i cant host im sorry.


Florida Club in Stuart is solid. Abacoa in Jupiter isnt terrible. North Palm is really good if you can get a tee time.