Roll Call: East Tennessee

There are two holes that are dumb as shit that gave water left if the green and OB right of the green. I mean on the edge of the two greens.

The one hole is a par 5, maybe number 3 or 4. It’s short but do not go for the green in two. Layup off the tee and layup to the green.

The other is a long par 3. Lay up!!! Probably with a 5 or 6 iron. Wedge on and try to make a putt for par. Otherwise take a bogey and get out of there.

I’ve only played the course once. So I can’t really tell you much else.

Pretty sure this is one of the most impossible places to play in town…Invite only country club owned by its members. Velvet Steve is the first person I have seen in this thread and of my other friends in town that has played it.

I am not even sure where we find the info on the course itself…

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One of the interns at my work happens to work in the Cherokee bag room on the weekends. Maybe he’s got the scoop.

I played it in the Southern Am qualifier before I moved to Tennessee.

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Link to scorecard.

Go on Google Earth and lookup the course.

You can build a strategy to play it based off those two things.

One of my in laws is a member at Cherokee and I got to play it in late May. Course is in really good condition obviously but there are a few quirky holes as outlined by @VelvetSteve. Was +4 on the Par 5’s alone which was almost entirely due to poor decision making both off the tee and attempting to go for the green in two. I highly recommend using 2D planner so you understand start lines and club selection. There are going to be a few holes where driver needs to stay in the bag. For example… Hole 1 fairway slopes hard right to left and down right near the landing zone, I hit driver which was way too much club and ended up through the fairway and behind a tree. You need to hug the right side if you take driver or 3W. Hole 4 is a Par 5 that you would think should be scorable but again you need to take less than driver off the tee and LAY UP on your approach (OB right and creek bed left). Hole 18 needs to be less than driver off the tee unless you cut the corner and hit it over the trees. Not sure if you get a practice round out there but spend a lot of time on or around the greens. Its a good track, best of luck!

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Played out there yesterday for the first time with a friend who is a member and found this old Golf Club Atlas article while doing some research. It’s a great read and also stands up even 13 years after it was written. Cherokee CC - Golf Club Atlas

The holes @VelvetSteve is referencing are #4 and #12. On 4 you can easily run out into a creek running across the fairway off the tee and it’s a very tight entrance to the green on approach. 12 played up yesterday so it was only about 185, but it will stretch out much longer for a State AM Q. there is a bail out short right that leaves you lots of options to get up and down.


Anyone played Rarity Bay recently? Report?

I haven’t played out there since March and they had just aerated and the bermuda was still coming in from dormancy. They got rid of the killer afternoon tee time deal and green fees went up so now it’s $75 no matter what time you go out.

Always loved that course but $75 is a bit much in my opinion.

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East Tennessee…The High Cotton Club is making an effort to get y’all involved early in the season!

We’re kicking off the 2024 season with The Float at Dale Hollow State Park in Burkesville, KY — a manageable drive from East TN. With lodging provided from Friday and Saturday, and the main event on Saturday at one of the most underrated destinations in our region, it’s sure to be a weekend you don’t want to miss.

After an optional round on Friday, tee times will begin at 8:00 Saturday for our blind draw two man scramble before we take to the lake in two pontoons. An optional round will also be available Sunday morning, and those who have been before can attest to the quality of fellowship that this extra time during overnight events can offer.

Entry fee for this event is $330, with lodging, boating, a bag tag, and Saturday’s golf (plus range balls) included. Also, drinks on the lake will be provided courtesy of New Belgium Brewing. Follow the link below to sign up, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! Hope to see some new and familiar faces as we kick off the 2024 No Laying Up Roost season before coming to Crossville in September.


I’m definitely interested in checking that course out at some point. Looks pretty sweet.

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We have another event in Crossville at the end of September too :eyes: Trying to give The Float a chance to fill out before sharing the info/registration here. If you’re a member, registration is already open! If you’re not a member and would like to become one, just send me a DM! There’s no better time to join than right now.

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There has never been a @HighCottonClub event more desperate for attendance than the one to follow. East Tennessee, we planned this with you in mind. Pls don’t let me down.

The High Cotton Club heads east to the golf capital of Tennessee for a weekend of golf and camaraderie spread across three golf courses.

The format of this event will feature an individual quota game over three rounds, combined with a blind draw best ball quota with a partner to be revealed after the final round, with a chance to earn some money back along with the gifts you’ll receive for participating.

Entry fee for this event is $500, with three rounds of golf and two nights lodging (Friday/Saturday) included. With golf (36 on Saturday/18 on Sunday) and lodging making up 80% of the budget for this event, we will work to provide an ability to win portions of entry fees back while still providing a valuable gift bag.

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Killing me brother…wife ends her VB season that week and I’ve got a pinehurst trip lined out the week after that.

This is going to kill me because I’ve been having major FOMO…fall just is horrible for me from the standpoint of a parent married to a coach.


I’m playing in it as well!

I’ve played Cherokee many times before, and it’s not exactly quirky so much as it is kinda difficult and a place you need to play a practice round. You’ve got just over 2 weeks until the qualifier, make some time.

If you won’t do that, then first of all, good luck. Secondly, just remember it’s a Donald Ross course, so above the hole is almost always a bad idea.

The only holes you can “send it” on are 5, 11, 15, 16, and 17. Even then, you can’t just wail on it. Position matters, and they’ll likely have the rough up which makes holding greens nearly impossible unless you know where to land it and how the slopes play.

In case it’s not obvious - get a practice round in. It’s a great course, you just need to get at least one rep on it if you want a chance to score well in the qualifier.

Good luck!


Got my practice round In yesterday and glad I did.

Another random Q for the group, is there anyone in the general chattanooga or East Tennessee area that can do a lesson on Aimpoint? I’d like to do an in person session but don’t know of any instructors that teach it in the area. Honestly if there’s someone who does it and could even give me a good in person understanding outside of the basics that would be solid.

Any recs,


The local instruction community is pretty small. You might check with the pro at Black Creek or Thomas/Paul at Choo Choo for leads.

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Dennis Corely knows more about about putting than anyone on this forum could ever dream about. He’s based in Knoxville.

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Maybe you need to see this man.

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Can confirm. Started working with him this year. Not sure if he teaches aim point but have had a great experience working with him so far.

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