Roll Call: East Tennessee

Just signed up and saw there was not an East Tennessee Roll Call. I live in the Tri Cities area and would like to see if there’s any fellow ETN folks on here.


@MuniSauce I grew up in Bristol, TN. But currently live in Chicago

Morristown/Jefferson City here. Went to college in Bristol, worked at The Virginian and Bristol CC back in those days.

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Currently living in Johnson City, but will only be here for a couple more weeks.

I work for a company that has a warehouse/mill in Church Hill. Was contemplating bringing my clubs down next time I have to visit there. What are some good tracks to check out for late afternoon 9s?

Your 2 nearest courses to Church Hill are Cattails & Warriors Path. Cattails’ front 9 is very flat and has a links vibe to it, however, the back is an absolute goat trail. Warriors Path is a short, technical course that has some dumb holes but the cheaper option and it also has a good range. You can’t go wrong with either of those.

Awesome. Thanks for the recommendations!

Live in Knoxville. Play Fox Den, Willow Creek, Avalon, Egwani, etc.

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Live in Knoxville. Probably play the most at Willow Creek, but mix it up with Wind River, Kahite, Rarity Bay, Three Ridges, etc.

If you have time, get out to Morristown

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Live in Knoxville. Play mostly Egwani, Willow Creek, and Dead Horse.

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Anyone in Knoxville a member at Fairways and Greens? This was my first year joining and I thought it would be a bit of a waste of money since I don’t practice much in the winter, but I will say without a doubt it’s been worth it even if I don’t go at all this winter.

Can’t believe I missed all these from the last few weeks.

Knoxville here, F&G member. Play wherever I can get on - love Willow and Holston, only played Fox Den once. Enjoy Three Ridges every so often as well.

Who wants to get a game together next weekend?

Knoxville here as well. Enjoy Willow and Egwani, play about anything. @vols89 is the usual partner on the course…always looking to get a round in when work allows

For anyone in Knoxville, Willow is playing really really fun right now. I feel like it’s always a little firmer than most courses in the area, but the lack of rain we have had for a month now has it playing pretty damn firm. Greens are still pretty slick per always.

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New here. Live outside of Bristol. Play mostly CC of Bristol.

Chattanooga. Muni-hunter by day. Sweetens lover by night. Grit Grind

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Fair warning to all - Island Pointe GC (fka River Islands) is still in pretty bad shape.

I saw that they were under new ownership, so I called them up to see what tee times looked like and if the course conditioning had improved. Guy on the other end of the line says, “The greens are as good as they’ve been in 10 years, and the fairways are great.” So, I went out.


Greens are slow, spongy, and still clearly in need of a LOT of help. I have no doubt they are pouring money into the course, but it’s still half conditioned at best.

Might be worth $12 on GolfNow, but rack rate is one of the worst deals in town. Go to Willow or Three Ridges before IP/RI.

Sucks because that was one of the better layouts in the area. Not a course I loved to play over and over but the layout was very good nonetheless. Is it true that they sold one of the nines?

Yea it is definitely a pretty interesting, if spread out, piece of property.

No idea, but I heard the same thing. I have a hard time believing that developers are still optimistic about building homes in ~squints~ Kodak, TN.