Roll Call: East Tennessee

How was McLemore?

Played Island Pointe (formerly River Islands) last week. It’d been 12 years since my last visit. Course was in great shape. Still a solid value ($44 w cart at 3pm) and a lot of fun.


I enjoy that one too, I haven’t played it since late last year, but it’s a fun one

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Not sure where to put this, but I’m going to be in Sewanee for the 4th next month and looking to play the university course there sometime that weekend. If you think you could make it please let me know id love to meet up with some fellow golf addicts.

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Best course to play near Gatlinburg? We are passing thru for a wedding and was going to take my father-in-law out to play.

Sevierville GC is always in really good shape and has two courses to pick from.

Just saying “hey” from Chattanooga.


The town of Sewanee has a great celebration and parade on July 4 and lots of second homeowners and alumni are in town then. Plan ahead for a manageable tee time. If that doesn’t pan out, it’s only about 30 mins from there to the Bear Trace at Tim’s Ford which is a great course.

Good morning East TN Refugees. I find myself here after mainlining a bunch of Strapped episodes and looking for an online home with more golf talk and less golf gear talk.

I’m a lifelong Chattanoogan who spent one year at Sewanee during which my GPA and resting BAC trended toward the same 0.25 level. Graduated from UTC in 1990. I live on Signal Mountain now but have so far avoided joining SMGCC. If/when I commit it’ll be Black Creek or nothing for me. Love that place.

I’m a pushcart owner/operator and have a lot of love for the Sewanee course so I’m always up for that. My buddies and I play a lot of rounds a Bear Trace, Creeks Bend, Fall Creek Falls and Brainerd, but if invited to finer environs I promise to keep my shirttail tucked in.


I’m curious too.

We were attempting to book a “Friends of McLemore” tee time for next week. The rate has gone up from $150 to $175 and they demand payment for the entire foursome up front.

Since my friend inquired and said he’d check with his group about the rate and payment, they’ve been blowing him up with texts and VMs trying to close the deal.

Seems quite desperate.

I made sure to go ahead and book 2 weeks out! After reading some about the course and looking at the flyovers, I already booked a 2nd tee time for the next day with the assumption I am going to want to go for a double dip.

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We played there Memorial day and the price was $135. They only made me pay for 1 tee time up front, I booked a foursome. We loved the course and had a lot of fun. Take some pics on the 18th green. They will blow up your phone and email but everyone at the course was super nice. The par3 course they have was a nice little warm up too.

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Thanks for the info. Were you with a member? Maybe their policies are negotiable. $175 is too much IMO but $135 is more rational.

I’ve played there several times before and after the renovations. The new 18th hole is dramatic for sure, though so was the original one. They needed that property for the clubhouse and short course.

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No we didn’t play with a member. I think the lower rate was due to the holiday. 175 is a bit steep, not sure I could justify that either.

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If anyone is interested in playing McLemore on a weekday in July or August, please reach out. I paid my greens fee there at the end of August last year to hold a spot but my playing partner was diagnosed with C19 and we had to cancel. I need to use my greens fee before the end of August to prevent losing it. If anyone has been looking for a partner or an opportunity to play the renovated course I’d be game to meet you for a round there.