Roll Call: Duval

Hey Fellas! I have a two spots open at Jax Beach for a 1:09 this Sunday if anyone wants to join?

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Wish I could but I’ve got a round scheduled for somewhere else at the same time.

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Anyone play Stillwater yet? I’m playing Sunday. Don’t tell me if it sucks haha

They’ve got tee times on their site now. Fairly expensive though $120…


It’s a good course. Lots of ways to play holes and very nice conditions.


Good evening Duval, I will be in the area on the 26th if anyone wants to play….


Stillwater was nice, greens are hard and fast. Some interesting holes. Back 9 has 3 par 3s and 3 par 5s. Kinda liked that.

On another note their practice putting green was ridiculous. Crazy slopes, hardly a flat spot. And the greens on the course were relatively flat.


Evening Duval.

Find myself in your presence on Friday around 12 or so, as my wife has an appt at the Navy base; thinking of walking on at Jax Beach or something simple like the yards.

Anyone around ?

I am a man of my word I currently have the 10:40 spot at Eagle Landing in Orange Park on the 26th, recommended by @OffTheDole, as of this morning there are two spots open in my tee time and I would love to fill it with refugees. Just go onto their website and take the other spot(s) if interested, also shoot me a dm if you take it. Let’s enjoy some chilly boi nation!

I might even bring some goodies from Vero to share with the group.


A good friend of mine is the HP. If you didn’t call him already, let me know and I can facilitate

I appreciate it, I emailed Joshua about the tee time is that your buddy?


I’m moving to the area in a couple weeks and considering joining a club. Going to be living at the beaches and was interested in Atlantic beach country club. Anyone have info on it.


Good club overall. Tough course that they keep in good shape.


Any Duval friends going to be around on Thursday and want to play Jax Beach? I grabbed two spots at 10:45am if anyone wants to join.



Visiting this week from Mn for a long weekend with wife and 5 year old daughter who is not adventurous culinarily. Any good food spots to hit for early dinners? Non-cheesy family recommendations?

Last I heard ABCC had a long waiting list to be a full golf member. That was about a year ago, maybe that has changed with the economy.

They have a full in waiting program that gives access to all amenities besides weekend golf while on the list. That works for me but I can’t find much about the clubs but was wondering what people’s thoughts were.

Thoughts about the course? It’s always in fantastic shape. It’s difficult, greens are hard and fast. Off the tee I find it a bit tight. Not a lot of rough, but a lot of sandy waste areas and closely mowed areas around the greens. I putt a lot from off the green there. Overall its really nice, but usually kicks my ass. A few holes out there I hate (3,15).


That’s super helpful thanks so much

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ABCC is currently in a construction defect lawsuit over the clubhouse. If you get deep into potential membership discussions, I’d ask if they have any plans to special assess the members, because they have floated this as a possibility to do the fixes they claim are needed, which would liquidate the damages for the litigation. The suit is due to mediated in March but it will not settle, meaning it will go on for a while.

Source: I represent the HVAC contractor.