Roll Call: Duval

Don’t forget about THE BLACK KNIGHT!

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/s maybe

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Dude if LinksDAO buys the Slammer & Squire :exploding_head::joy::rofl::roll_eyes:


New to the Nest here. In Atlantic Beach. Anyone play Windy Harbour much at Mayport before it went under renovations?

Yes. I don’t mind it. For the price. Not an elite course, but I’ve never left there asking what the hell I paid for. Two very different nines as the front nine is compact and narrow. There is more room to breathe on the back.

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I have heard a lot of rumblings North Hampton has turned into a goat track. Any truth to those rumors? I haven’t played there since 2020.

Yes. The members are pissed.

Also, hilariously, I went to their website and they call themselves a Scottish Links course. Five holes with fescue makes you Scottish Links now…

2 open spots at Jax Beach tomorrow with myself and @PGA_ALLTHEWAY at 12:48


Count me in for 9 holes.


And we are full!


How do we feel about Marsh Landing? Just became a reciprocal club I can access

Really solid track. One of the worst driving ranges in the area.

Are you a member at GCAI?

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I’m a member at a club in Oklahoma owned by Concert Golf. GCAI is another reciprocal club, though. Brother lives in Jax. Sounds like I have two places to play in addition to the bi-annual pilgrimage to Jax Beach.


Anyone played any public courses around JAX that was is good-to-great shape?

St Johns Golf and CC, World Golf Village, The Yards and TPC (obviously) come to mind. Also some good conditioned courses around Amelia/Fernandina but those a little bit of a drive from Jax proper.

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Thanks, Beatty. Lived here my whole life and haven’t played SJGCC. Might be time!

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For public golf, I really enjoy SJGCC, it’s still a Florida neighborhood course but it’s wide and it doesn’t feel hemmed in or forced. The greens are fast and the sand is fluffy.


I live on 2nd hole of SJGCC. Happy to host a group anytime.


Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller. New member of the Nest… total rookie post.

Just moved to PV and looking for groups/games to play in whenever they may occur and get to know some chaps. Played SJGCC last week which was a great time. I knew there would have to be a smattering of NLU followers in the region that must play in the area. Half decent player with 0 expectations and try not to take myself too seriously!

Happy to join whoever!