Roll Call: Duval

You know I would if I could bud…


Man I miss ya bud, all we need is a 4th.

One of these days i will utilize this thread and see these in time to put in a leave slip.


I’ve got 3 open spots on the 4pm tee time Monday(7/18) at South Hampton if anyone wants to join.

Just FYI, I played Eagle Landing this morning and it was in really good shape. I wanted to point that out since I’ve heard on here and through the grapevine that a lot of courses in the area are goat tracky right now.


Seems like it’s impossible to get an AM tee time whenever I’m up there

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Why i jumped on it.

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Jax Beach is also in great shape currently and if you have a way to play Deerwood CC go do it!

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Played Jax beach this morning, the greens are in great shape. A little slower than normal though maybe because of the rain.

It also seems like the areas around the greens aren’t shaved down as much as they used to be. I had to actually hit a few chips (gasp!) from around the green. It’s been like that the last 2-3 times out there.


I’m in Jax for work and have a few hours to kill before I head to the airport. I want to go have a quality meal with a view, someone help me out! I’m pissed I didn’t bring my clubs so the next best thing is a good damn dinner and dinks.

The roof at Black Sheep in Riverside would get you the view and you would be close to the airport.

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Hell yes, my appreciated!

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I was disappointed in the condition of Hidden Hills yesterday. It’s normally my go-to for a quick Friday morning round on my off-Fridays when there’s no tee times available at Jax Beach. It takes a lot of chutzpah to charge full rates when you have two holes closed.

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That’s a bummer. Hidden Hills has been good at times too.

The 5th is closed for a green renovation. It looks like they just lost it. 6 is now two par 3’s. A few other greens were gone.

It’s ultimately one of my go-to’s because you can get around pretty quick and it’s a short drive from my house. I’m not a big fan of the layout, particularly the front nine which has some stereotypical Florida Neighborhood holes.

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Locking up signups for Palatka this Friday morning, we have two spots left @ASplashOfOJ

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Hi All. Just moved to the area from NJ and keen to ensure my record low of 4 rounds this year becomes a thing of the past very quickly. Play off 9 despite my infrequent reps! Thanks in advance.


I heard a rumor that one of the the Slammer/Squire and King/Bear is closing and the other is going 100% Private? Has anybody heard similar?

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Damn, that’s wild if true. King & Bear is the better of the two but Slammer & Squire isn’t chopped liver.

I heard from somebody a little more connected than the rando my buddy and I got paired with yesterday.

King and Bear likely going full private when the HoF moves to Pinehurst next year. Slammer staying open, but tee times likely going up (already pretty high).