Roll Call: Connecticut

Any recommendations for good public courses in the state or nearby (NY, Rhode Island)? I’m in New Haven at the moment and my dad’s coming to visit in a few months and I haven’t played much golf here. We’re definitely going to play Yale, but it seems like the public options beyond that are spartan. I see Shennecossett has been mentioned above - is that still a good option? Thanks in advance.

Shenacosset is a great option, Great River in Milford is a bit pricier and semi private but a good option if you can get a tee time. Lyman Orchards in Middletown has two solid courses as well, I prefer the Jones to Player though.

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I’d agree with the courses Shane recommended. I’d a big public golf CT stan. I think there’s some great available and affordable courses here. More below:

Keney Park (Devereux Emmet) in Hartford is a fun layout and always a good walk.

Wintonbury (Pete Dye) in Bloomfield is well run, in great shape and high quality.

Gillette Ridge (Arnold Palmer) in West Hartford is probably the most challenging course (lots of forced carries and some tight fairways) but it’s a blast, and it’s in pretty good shape now that the new management company has had a few years there.

Richter Park down in Danbury is super challenging too. I always get destroyed there but it’s a great course.

Oxford Greens in Oxford is another tight course with a wide variety of holes, and I highly recommend.

The Lake of Isles North Course at Foxwoods is always rated high though it’s priced high too. I think a new management company took over though in the last few years and I’ve heard some rumblings of discontent. Not sure how accurate that is.


Agree with these as well, all really good public courses. just didn’t mention them because they’re a bit further from New Haven. @seattlezero93 if you are willing to drive a bit those are all worth playing, especially Keney, Richter, and Wintonbury.

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Haven’t had a chance to play yet but CT National always gets big shoutouts. If you make it to RI Meadowbrook is top notch, Richmond CC is pretty good too. I love Shenny had a membership there for a few years before joining a CC but it’s still a blast, can get crowded on weekends.

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Hey everyone. I’m a longtime NLU lurker, below average golfer, and somewhat recent transplant to the Hartford area. Curious if anyone in the area has joined the NY or MA Roosts since we are somewhat equidistant.

I’m also trying to get more involved this year and hopefully play some golf with at different courses over the summer. I live in West Hartford and usually play to Tunxis or Rockledge, but have also played Gillette Ridge, Keney Park, and Wintonbury Hills. I can get slightly reduced green fees for guests at Yale if anyone ever wants to play there. Have only played it once during COVID and definitely want to play it this year before it closes for the renovation.


Northwest CT resident here and longtime member/treasurer of the NY Roost. Come get involved we have lots of CT people from across the state. We do our annual open and NIT qualifier at Keney as well.

I will DM you a link to the discord chat where we do most of our coordination.


From Philly, but visiting family for the week near New Haven. Aside from Yale (don’t think I can get on), are there any places that I should try to play?

I would recommend Shennecossett in Groton and Fenwick (9 holer) in Old Saybrook. Both about an hour east of New Haven along the shoreline, but really fun to play. They were both also stops of Tom Coyne on his A Course Called America tour.


I’m late on my reply here but I also recently moved out to West Hartford. Just joined a club in the area and would be great to get out together somewhere. Send me a DM and we can set up.

You can probably get out at Yale, may just have to reach out to the pro but he’s awesome

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Appreciate the help, guys! Ended up playing Keney today and may try to get on Shenecossett tomorrow.

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I’m a member of a club in the Newington area, would love to join up with some time and play.

I didn’t realize the NY Roost did things in CT. Would love to #getinvolved


Join us for our event at Keney in September!

Event page here: The Shepherd Open — RACDG NY Metro Chapter

Let me know if you have any questions!


I’m pumped for the Shepherd Open - as the highest handicap person in the field I’m just super pumped to play with better golfers and maybe learn a thing or two!

If anyone is in the Hartford/West Hartford area and would like to get together for a round I’m always interested!



I wanted to get the expert opinion of this CT based thread. I live in Texas and one of my old buddies lives in Fairfield. We’re conveening in CT for a October golf trip together. I was wondering if y’all had any recommendations on where to play.

We are gonna try and play 36 at Great River on Friday but with a 2:40 second tee time, that probably won’t provide us enough daylight correct? Were trying to get 36 in Friday and 18 Saturday. I was hoping to play Yale but it’s closed for the season. Perhaps Wintonbury Hills?

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Wintonbury is great. Would also recommend Fairview Farm in Harwinton and Richter Park in Danbury as some other options

Thanks man! Any feedback on Oxford Greens?

Haven’t played there myself but some friends of mine really like it