Roll Call: Connecticut

Connecticut native here, coming home for a visit in a couple of weeks. Anybody familiar with the booking system for Yale? I see it only books 48hrs in advance for YGC guests. I also see that it shows zero tee times for the next 48hours. Do they sell out that quickly or am I missing something?

Also, as an East Haddam native heartbroken at Fox Hopyard going private, I am still looking for a member to accompany as guest. :wink:

It looks like Yale has their men’s and women’s fall tournaments right now, so the course is closed until the 26th. They do usually sell out quickly though, so whenever you figure out what day you want to play, check in the morning 2 days prior and you should be able to get something.

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Thanks for the intel!

I’d ask for some recent input from locals on conditions. I’m not a conditions snob, but……

I visited in late-June and the course was in pretty good shape. Some patchy spots on a few greens but nothing major. A buddy went a month ago and it had gotten a lot rougher due to the drought over the summer.

That’s a shame, but I’ve still gotta get out when I’m in the area… it’s a bucket list item for sure.

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Agree. It’s worth seeing in any condition. I was only giving you the warning if you’d played it a bunch before and condition may sway you.

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Played Yale yesterday and it was in “eh” shape, almost every green had some dead spots on it but it was just patches and they putted fine. I love that course and still think it’s worth the visit, but definitely don’t expect it to be pure

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As long as the greens roll fine… I would imagine the dead spots are around the edges?

I want to play it from an architectural standpoint, and as long as it’s playable, that’s all I ask.

Some of the dead spots are in the middle of greens, the 8th and 10th greens were particularly bad. Even putting through those spots wasn’t terrible and isn’t gonna put a damper on the round unless you’re a conditions snob (which it doesn’t seem like you are).

Another note is they shut down for the year on October 23rd, so not sure when you’re coming to CT but keep that in mind.

I’m looking at playing the 6th or 7th… thanks for the intel!

Yale has always had rough spots…just depends how many and how big they are depending on time of year. Assuming the upcoming redux will take care of that, but on no way does that detract from enjoying the GCA there. It’s a pretty special place for sure.

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Has anyone played Keney Park and Wintonbury Hills back to back in the same day? Starting to plan trips for 2023 and thinking this could be an option for a 36 hole day. Thank you

I have thought about doing it but never undertaken it myself. Would this be just for you or for others too? If you have more than 1 or 2 it may become tricky. Weekend spots at both courses go quickly so try to be on tee time selection when tee sheets come out a week in advance. If it’s one or 2, you should be able to find spots at both courses on shorter notice. Friday is also the ideal day to go for weekday, Keney is wide open after noon and you probably wouldn’t even have to book a tee time

It would actually be during the week. Likely Monday through Wednesday. Will that help with tee times?

A little but you’ll probably have to do Keney first since they block out their afternoon tee times for league play on those days. Wintonbury should be mostly open in the afternoon

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Perfect. Thank you for the heads up.

That would be an awesome double feature

Just wondering if anyone here would be up for a February/March indoor golf league. I have access to an indoor space with Trackman and I’m thinking about getting a little competition going. The location is in North Haven. If this is something you would be interested in let me know and I can start working on the details.

Curious if you (or anyone here) have any info on how the lessons are at Sterling Farms. (Who did you work with, did their instruction lean on the use of video/trackman stats/etc.?)

Had a buddy that went to (goes to?) Angela Aulenti. Had great things to say about his experience.

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